Anne L. Reinstein, 2018 Hispanic Women of Distinction, CPA, Owner and Tax Accountant, McCleary & Reinstein, P.A.  
Giselle Fernandez's insights and expertise has already made an impact on Latin Business Today.  
Maria I. Nardi, Director, 2018 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, Miami-Dade County’s Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department  
Articles and videos covering Cinco de Mayo history, celebrations, family traditions, crafts and food.  
Ingrid Macher, 2018 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, Entrepreneur, Founder and President, Burn20™ LLC  
In this third podcast episode Oscar Hernandez discusses change which challenges every small business owner particularly in the music industry.   
In this second episode Oscar Hernandez talks about the facts of life in the music industry business.  
Mom and daughter take an adventurous 2 week trip to Europe in celebration of daughter's 16th birthday.  
In this first episode Oscar Hernandez talks about his career as a small business owner in the music industry and entertainer.   
Carlos Garcia interviews Helen Hernandez Interview – Part three.    
Natalie M. Alvarez, 2018 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, banking executive active in multiple charities.    
Carlos Garcia interviews Helen Hernandez Interview – Part two  
Carlos Garcia interviews Helen Hernandez Interview – Part One  
Carlos Santana shares insights on his Pop music comeback and reflections.  
Carlos Santana reflects on Woodstock, drugs and inspirations.  
4 holiday nuance awareness considerations for Latino small business marketing campaigns.  
Part 2 of 4: Ten time Grammy Award winning musician, Carlos Santana opens up to Giselle Fernandez about his beginnings, legendary career and findin
Multi-Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria talks the business of music and  "West Side Story Reimagined".  
Part 1 - The backstory: Growing up poor in Mexico
Small business owners and their workers’ rights finding an affordable care solution.  
Latino musician Hernan Romero shares his music style, learning, adaption, new channels of musical collaboration and distribution.                        
Latino small business fashion designer, Willfredo Gerardo shares his inspiration on becoming a designer.  
Part 2 of the Latin Business Today spotlight on Tito Puente Jr. and insight on his father's legacy.  
Coco the movie Latino nuances, the  back story.  
Tito Puente Jr. talks about growing up with Latin music and carrying on the legacy of his father’s “cool cat” sound.  
Podcast: Eddie Palmieri shares views on business, music and his journey.
Latino Christmas dishes and traditions are as diverse as their origins. Some similarities and many differences.
Christmas videos in the U.S. and worldwide we've come to love....  
Eddie Palmieri shares his insights on small business and music just off his "Eddie at 80' world tour.  
Latina businesswoman with transferable marketing and strategy skills are a boon for nonprofit businesses.  
Carola Otero Bracco helps new immigrants and host communities better understand and accept each other.    
After creating and selling two high tech companies Maria Elena Ibanez started a successful Hispanic food specialty business.  
Latino small business owners will make a huge difference in the American economy going forward.     
Hispanic American Veterans Return from War  
Felipe's small business owners are examples of the entrepreneurial spirit.