3 Tips On Social Networks Vital for Business

The 3 Social Networks Tips


1. Figure out what you like to do.

Are you a conversationalist? Do you like disseminating information? Are you a writer? Do you like asking questions or responding to them? Once you figure it out find the network that works best for you and spend more time there doing what you like. Why? Because authenticity and consistency are two important components of social engagement.

2. Manage your time effectively.

It is easy to waste hours in social networks once you see the wealth of opportunities for information gathering, networking and communications. To be effective you should consider a time and activity frame that includes things such as reading others’ and posting your own updates once a day, participating in a chat session weekly, sharing your thoughts in a blog once a week and more. But do not just post and run, stick around and remember to engage.

3. Do not do it alone.

You can “outsource” or perhaps more accurately co-source components of your activities to those you trust and train. Some of these activities can include routine activities such as responding to requests, typing your responses and proofreading our posts but for many leaders it can include much more. Before you do so, it is important to begin by clarifying your identity and being prepared to communicate this to those directly or indirectly might be sharing your activities.

In an earlier article, “Hiring Better Fitting Employees,” I explained the value of personality assessment when hiring, a process that included a personality assessment of both your organization and potential hires. The same advice applies to co-sourcing your social networking. Make sure you know who you are and how you want to be presented and communicate this clearly to those who may be directly or indirectly co-sourcing your public social networking activities.

Effective Business Strategy

Effective social networking can afford leaders the opportunity to educate, engage and lead their employees, customers and even their community and it can be an effective strategy for building a successful business presence.