Accidental Entrepreneur- My Second Big Break and It Was BIG!






So I eventually found a good job

So I eventually found a good job with a solid national General Market firm that saw the need for a Hispanic specialist. I gave it a year, but it was not a good fit and I wasn’t able to thrive. So I left to another Hispanic market specialist firm.

Call me dogged – I was sticking with my thing.

At this new firm, the brilliant guy who hired me left after two weeks, having sold his company to the person who I thought was his business manager. This guy wasn’t Hispanic and he wasn’’t a marketer or a researcher.

I had no idea what he was doing in this field, but I was elevated to Research Director, had a decent salary, so here we went. I was determined to try to make the best of it. We did pretty well, but most of our money was going into paying off the former owner (it was a leveraged buy-out), so it was tough to grow, tough to keep staff, tough to spend anything on marketing.

So frustration finally led me, two years later, after ten total years in the industry, to take the leap and start my own firm.

I swear I didn’’t really WANT to start my own firm. I didn’’t have any ego issues egging me on to be THE BOSS.

I didn’’t want to order people around, I didn’’t need people looking up to me. I needed a space where the point was the work. I wanted to focus on what the research project needed, not on company policy, not to appease anyone’s ego, not to impress anyone, just to do really solid research in my community.

In my next piece we’ll look at 8 Lessons along the way as I was preparing to launch my entrepreneurial life.

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