Andreina Ojeda Language Proficient, Helping Latinos Assimilate
Andreina Ojeda

Meet Andreina Ojeda a 2015 Hispanic Woman of Distinction


To learn a new language, whether it’s English or other dialects, an individual can enhance their academic, professional or personal life and achieve their goals by mastering a language.  That is what Andreina accomplished since 1998 with the Lingua Language Center she founded, and is now President.  The Center has recently signed a five-year partnership agreement with Broward College to be the exclusive provider of non-credit language programs. 

Andreina OjedaBorn in Venezuela, Adreina possesses a Master’s Degree in International Studies from Monterety Institute in California and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas.  She also served as the Secretariat of the Republic of Venezuela as head of the Language Translations Divisions, the United Nations Development Program and Bayer Corporation.  She is committed to helping new immigrants to transition to life in the United States and help them to increase their job opportunities by learning the English language.

Andreina is proficient in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.  For 15 years, she has provided free language and translation services to low-income families in Broward County and enrichment programs to Here’s Help Foundation.  She obtained a Homeland Security Certificate to enroll non-immigrant foreign students.   Andreina’s community service led her across the world in 2014 to Nepal, teaching English to children in rural areas.

Andreina opened Camp Lingua for local and international students and was one of the founding members of  Mujeres Latinas Impulsando Latinas in Weston, helping newly arriving families assimilate into the community.   She is a member of more than a dozen organizations in South Florida and received numerous awards for her work ethics and voluntarism.

“Latinas enrich every aspect of life.  With their understanding of diversity and capacity of cross cultural communication they make a difference among the diverse groups that comprise our society”, said Andreina. 

Andreina will be celebrated as Hispanic Woman of Distinction on August 14, 2015.

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