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"The Look, The Lifestyle, and The Wardrobe" by Christina Trevino

The Great White Tee

Bring your A-Game to the table with some great summer tee ideas!! We are full swing into the heat of the summer season when the temps are seriously rising and one of the most classic, easy, comfy, least expensive

Join Me on a Jr Contemporary Fashion Shoot

Great fashion shoot on a beautiful summer's day! Hello Fashionistas, This Friday was a day I had been expectantly looking forward to. It was the last day of an extremely hot and sunny July and I was slated for a late

Active Duty Sportswear

This look is so easy to pull together as it relies on classic shapes and colors Hello Fashionistas, With digital devices and technology keeping us on the go 24/7-- our weekend and workday lives seem to get a bit

It Really Wasn’t So Bad Was It???????

Happy Monday Evening Fashionistas, Well if you are reading this--I am going to assume that you survived the Monday blues and did it in style. I have to say -- it really wasn't so bad. It feels good to get back on the wagon…

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

Hello Freezing Fashionistas, Well today's weather was let's just say.....Arctic!!!! Deciding between either touch sensitive iPhone gloves for their social outreach practicality vs. convertible mittens for their ability to keep all of…

The Golden Globes Best Dressed Ladies

Hello Fashionistas, What's better than sitting in front of the TV with some popcorn and champagne and taking in some newsworthy fashion! It's the evening of the Golden Globes and that's exactly what I'm doing! Let's take a…

Say Goodbye to January!

It's the last few hours of January and although we still have a good chunk of cold winter ahead of us, I'm starting to feel the beginnings of spring…… The Christmas tree is down, the holiday decorations are put away, and the many stray

Pour Some Sugar On Me! Way to Go Ohio State!

TGIF Fashionistas (and NCAA football fans)! Well it's another sweet day of the New Year especially if you are a Buckeye fan! The Sugar Bowl ended in a 42-35 win for OSU against #1 ranked Alabama!!! Getting'

Getting Ready for the New Year!

I know I've been on an extended hiatus, but with the new year approaching and the holiday season starting to wind down--it's time to get back on the blog wagon….. Today is the the LAST day of 2014 and with my family in town for

The Classics Have Never Looked So Good!

Hello Fashionistas, It's always fun to see what interesting new funky trends will be important for the upcoming seasons, but there's nothing wrong with revisiting the classics either! With the recent addition

There’s a Fash-App for that!!!

Hello Fashionistas, Hopefully you have all gotten well adjusted to the Daylight Savings time change this week. It's always a rough switch up to be leaving our offices in the pitch dark evening hours of the

Graffiti Chic: Paint with your heart

Hello Fashionistas, As fall and winter start to approach and everything begins to get a bit dreary, I'm going to inspire you with beautiful and vibrant graffiti images from some recent travels.

Welcome to the BIG 10!!

Happy Weekend Fashionistas, Well if summer has to be officially over, at least it's college football season!!! I love everything about the change of seasons, fall foliage, pumpkin picking, and good old college

Peace, Love, and a Whole Lotta Rock & Roll!

Hello Fashionistas! I know we have finally wrapped up Fashion Week in NYC and I should be giving you some insight on fall fashion, but I feel like there will be plenty of time for that….. More importantly, this week was

Fall Fashion Kick-Off!!

Hello Fashionistas, I know it's so sad that we are desperately grasping to the last remains of summer, but fear not--every season is fun for a different reason. Just think--now you can start to plan

The Testosterone Edition

Hi Fashionistas! Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!! It was nice to relax, recharge and spend some great quality time with family and friends! Since I had the chance to see so many of my friends in person over the…

Napa Valley – Land of Enchantment

Beep…beep…beep…RISE AND SHINE my sleepy little grape lip-stained friends (and don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. You wouldn't be reading this blog if you didn't). It's 7:00AM Saturday morning and we have 1

The San Francisco Treat….

Hello Fashionistas, I know it's been a while since I've given you some juicy jet setting scoop, but some of you have seen my most recent posts on Facebook so you have a pretty good idea what I'm going to be sharing with you

The Botanist

Any of you who have visited my house in NY know how much I love my yard and enjoy gardening. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic. After a long hectic work week in the city, there is nothing I appreciate more than just

Revisiting the ’70’s – Flowers in My Hair

Hello Fashionistas, Today I am taking you along to rural Ohio, for a trip down memory lane….and specifically I will be attempting to transport us all to circa 1974!!! Here we go…. And we have arrived--so let's take a

Wine Country Northwest Ohio!

Hello Wine Enthusiasts! Today you are not so much fashionistas as you are wine aficionados. You will be joining me on my viniculture adventure! Of course there will ALWAYS be elements of fashion--but today we are

Digital Retailers

Hi fashionistas!!! Once again it's time to spread some more fashion insight across the globe! You know how some people have bumper stickers that say "My Other Car is A Porsche". Well, I have a very fashionable sticker that says,

Everything Under The Sun….

Since we have completed my weeklong initiation of speed blogging, I don't think it's necessary anymore to title everything "Day Such and Such in the Life of a Blogger"--I think we have gotten to know each other quite well and

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