Branding Doesn’t Matter When Culture Doesn’t Work




What to do…

Instead, what company leaders should focus on is:

1) Leading by example

2) Listen to employee’s and then

3) Create an environment where “real talk” doesn’t get you a pink slip somewhere down the line!

Changing posters in the hallway, gathering employees to share your new “branding campaign” still doesn’t face the fact that there’s  a gap between the espoused culture and the organizational reality. What leaders say the culture is and what employees experience do not align. 

So what should you do then if you are having a culture issue at work?

This is not a liner process by any stretch of the imagination but for clarity, I’d say:

1.   The first step is to begin with the end in mind. Brainstorm a bit. Get a picture in your head, know where you want to end up.

What do you really want from your company?”

2.   Second step is recognize and acknowledge.

The path to solving any problem is to accept one’s own accountability for creating it.

3.   Third step is to  allow for the human condition.  

Don’t fear that you or your company will been seen as too human. Remember these two things, people don’t quit their jobs they quit their boss and people don’t trust companies; they trust people.

4.  And finally, the fourth step, Lead your own life first.

As the head of your company (or division or team) you lead from the essence of who you are.  You are the real chief culture officer. So work on yourself.

Know thyself. When you do that you’ll be better able to think positively about the people you lead and that will be the seeds for a better tomorrow.

So cancel that branding meeting and go learn how to be a better boss!

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