Business Leaders and Their Business’ Legacies



Evaluate To Eliminate

It’s amazing how many companies don’t evaluate “how they are doing?”

I am not speaking of the perfunctory 360 evaluation, the annual employee review, but how is the company doing? What are you customers saying about you?

What services don’t need to be on the offerings anymore?

What member of your team is not getting what you communicate and negatively impacting the legacy you want to leave behind? Once you know those things you can eliminate the things that are obstacles to your legacy development.

Something Over Everything Or Nothing

Don’t get overwhelmed. Yes. I told you to think with the end in mind but realize that your business can’t end world hunger but you can certainly be a part of the solution to try. They key is to find out from the mayor of your city or other political or religious leaders in your area, what is it that they cannot do alone and where is it that a business like yours can help make a difference?

Find the answer to that and then do something. That always beats trying to do everything or settling on nothing

In the end, your business will enjoy the favor of the people, the reputation that creates loyalty and the legacy that separates the good from the great companies in our world. 

 All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.~ Jim Rohn

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