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Claudia Batra

Meet Claudia Batra a 2015 Hispanic Woman of Distinction  



Claudia Bartra Claudia Bartra, co-founder and CFO of La Granja Restaurants, the largest U.S. based Peruvian Restaurant chain outside Peru, lives her life with Purpose.  The purpose of daily success based on principles and values of respect for others, encouragement, leadership and opportunity to those who deserve a chance to make a true change in their lives.

 Since La Granja’s debut in the United States in 1995, Claudia has worked diligently to become part of the South Florida community, and has kept it close to her heart. Through La Granja, she continues to give back to the community, as well as promote growth in the Latino community by providing enthusiastic men and women willing to learn and achieve their career goals.

 In 1993, when Claudia’s father and family members founded La Granja in Aruba, they never imagined the overwhelming success that their vision would bring, or the impact it would have on the community. This once modest eatery, serving top quality, authentic Peruvian food, has blossomed in to a robust restaurant empire with more than 40 locations in Florida today. Claudia and her family credit La Granja’s great success to their hard work, as well as being afforded the chance to prosper in the United States of America, which they truly believe is the land of opportunity.

Claudia is a strong advocate and supporter of children’s educational issues both in the United States and her homeland in Peru.  From honoring war veterans at La Granja restaurant locations on Veteran’s Day, to bestowing her generosity through ASPIRA, a Latino and Puerto Rican youth organization, and providing scholarships to  attend Palm Beach State College.  Claudia believes it is crucial to help nurture the intellectual, cultural and leadership skills of Latino youth so they may later on contribute their talents to their community.

Claudia leads the Project Leadership Campaign in Coral Springs motivating high school seniors to continue their education and learn a variety of skills, including finances, budgeting, applying for college and more. She also supports Casa Hogar, in Caliao, Peru helping single mothers and their children who have been alienated from society; support of the Ronald McDonald House and Lazos de Amor, a foundation that provides the basic needs of children in Canete, Peru.  Claudia also is the underwriter of numerous events, and supports the arts community

“As a Mother, a wife, a business owner my principles of hard work and dedication and my family values is the platform of who I am today.  The most important part of my career, my passion, is to lead by example and influence others that no matter where you come from dreams can and will be achieved,” said Claudia.

Claudia has been recognized by Almuerzos y Cenas Magazine, Peruvian Business Woman of the Year in Florida, and Entrepreneur of the Year and a number of awards for La Granja.  She lives in Boynton Beach, Florida with her husband, Louis and their children, Isabella and Lucciano. 

Claudia will be celebrated as Hispanic Woman of Distinction on August 14, 2015 at a ceremony presented by Bank of America, Latina Style Magazine and Latin Business Today. More here.

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