Creating a High Trust Culture at Work 




You inspire trust from others when you practice these six behaviors:

1.   Keep your word.

To build trust, you need to do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you are going to do it, long after the feeling or desire to do it has left you.

2.   Be about your people’s success.

When people feel that their leader truly cares about and supports their success, they will go out of their way to ensure their leader is successful as well.

3.   Give away the credit… claim the blame.

If there are wins, praise the team. If there are failures, step up to the plate and boldly state, “I take responsibility for ensuring this problem doesn’t happen again.”

Nothing looks worse than a leader blaming other people. That is NEVER a good look for a leader!

4.   Tell the truth. Always.

This is so easy and obvious to say, but it is much harder to do on a daily basis. Why?

Because most people want to be liked and that means avoiding conflict. However, honestly communicating bad news, and sharing a vision and path to success, is one of the fastest ways to rebuild trust.

5.   Be vulnerable.

People find it easier to trust you when you are transparent.

When you have the ability to say, “I don’t know the answer,” or, “I might be wrong,” or, “I made a mistake and I am glad you covered for me,” people know that you are human. People who have a high need to defend themselves, blame others or worse fire people so they can blame them later for what they did wrong instead of admitting their mistake are not trusted.

6.   Ask for feedback.

No one is perfect. Most people know that so let people know that you know you may have done or said something that eroded their trust level in you.

Ask people for honest feedback on which actions you are taking that are working well for the team, and what people think you could do differently to be an even stronger leader. The worse thing you can do is shut someone down for trying to help you with their feedback.

Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time.

If you want to build trust you have to be intentional about it across the organization. A trusting workplace affords employees a comfortable environment for open communication, risk-taking, innovation, and achievement. If your people don’t have trust inside your company, then they can’t transfer it to your customers.

Creating a high trust culture at work will be one the best things you do for your business! It’s a new year…get to it!

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