When Managing Data Words Do Matter!

In the end, words matter. The sooner you and your organization can identify, collaborate to define, document, integrate into your IT applications and educate your BI teams, the more successful you will be at managing KPIs that make a…

Where in the World is Your Data?

Small business owners and IT executives should build a transition roadmap that addresses their business model, business partner, service provider and internal communications, as well as culture, governance, processes, and security both…

Passwords – New Simplified Rules

Small business and IT executives should update their password methodologies to incorporate the latest NIST thinking. The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) thorough rewrite of password standards turns

The Hacker Prevention Checklist

No business is impervious to hackers as Sony and eBay can attest, but basic knowledge can help The massive Sony security breach and the other multiple well-publicized cyber attacks in 2014 demonstrate the

Who Owns Your Emails?

Emails stored in the cloud may be exposed to access by other entities and governments One of the easiest applications to move into the cloud is email messaging services. For most organizations the email application stands…

The “Target” Lesson

Managing cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility from the small business owner to high level managers and board members Cybersecurity is not an IT-executive issue but a business fiduciary responsibility. Its failures can…

IT As A Savings, Not Cost, Center

9 goals to help business owners build a cost efficient and effective IT infrastructure Many business owners believe IT is a cost center and treat it as such. However, it should be viewed as a savings center and budgets…

Quick – Which Is The Better IT Buy?

When server comparison-shopping the answer may surprise you. Many executives purchase equipment based on initial hardware purchase outlays rather than the total cost of ownership (TCO). This can be a fatal financial flaw. The premise of…

Big Data

Use it before it buries your business! The internet enables 2.9 million emails to be sent every second. Each day, Google processes 24 petabytes (that’s one quadrillion–much larger than the national debt).  Although your business may

The Price of Privacy

How You Collect and Use Data Can Make Or Break Customer Loyalty In 1999, then-CEO of Sun Microsystems Scott McNealy made an outrageous comment during a product launch. "You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it,”

IT Disaster Tales

Backing up data is easy. Not doing it can be a catastrophe. I provide computer support and infrastructure services for small businesses in New York City and New Jersey. I often get frantic calls from

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