Diversity is A Key to Growing Your Small Business



There are many ways to increase diversity in companies,

1.  Do your homework.

Take the time to do an evaluation of your current company’s organizational culture and diversity temperature. With that information you can begin to see where you have to do the most work in to change the way your employees view diversity and to see where you have to hire more race and gender.

2.  Hire for assortment. 

Being a company committed to diversity is not about being black and white only. It is about an assortment of voices, as many races as possible and a balance of genders. In addition, it is about ideologies. If you hire 100% of people who are republic, democrats or independents, that is still not real diversity. If you hire only Anglo’s with a sprinkling of color, that is still not real diversity or 99% Latinos with a sprinkle of  X, again not real diversity. Yes, it is a start but don’t get comfortable there.

3.  Hire women!

You will always read about me advocating for women. I’ve written a few articles on that very subject for this forum but here’s another story to drive home the point as well.

4.  Invite Voices to the Table

So once you hire for diversity, don’t keep those diverse voices in the cubicle. Invite them to meetings and have one on one conversations to get their perspective on company issues.

5.  Socialize and Invest.

There are many networking opportunities where you can continue to publically display your commitment to diversity. In addition, there are many opportunities to invest on a small or large scale, in organizations that can be feeders for your hiring team. Sometimes by simply being present and supportive, diverse prospective employees reach out to you and that is a win win for both.

Globalization is impacting how businesses compete with each other and given the fast access to information and interconnectedness due to technology, it has had a profound impact on global business practices and like I said, diversity is a key component in staying relevant, staying creative (due to all the various voices at the table) and most importantly growing! A thriving business is a diverse one! Get busy diversifying!

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