First Generation Cuban-American Latina Mentors Immigrants

Victoria Saldala

Meet Victoria B. Saldala  a 2016 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, Director of the Bilingual/ESOL Department, Broward County Public Schools


“I feel all Hispanic women should have the opportunity to reach their dreams without being stereotyped. It’s one of my goals to serve as a role model, provide mentoring and guide our future generation towards a college or career pathway.”- Victoria B. Saldala, Director of the Bilingual/ESOL Department, Broward County Public Schools

As a first generation Cuban-American, Victoria knows first-hand the challenges that immigrants like her parents endured coming to the United States trying to provide a good life for their family but struggling with a foreign language while trying to navigate through the legal and school systems necessary to achieve their family’s goals.

Victoria SaldalaInspired by the Florida teachers she had as a child, Victoria went on to become an educator herself and received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education at Saint Thomas University and her Master of Science in Reading Education from Florida International University.

Although she has been teaching for more than 28 years, she is most proud of having the opportunity to lead the sixth largest district in the nation of second language acquisition. In this capacity Victoria has been able to work with students and their families to provide outreach to community agencies and organizations on a variety of issues affecting all minorities.

She also has been able to obtain multi-million dollar grants necessary to help the ever-increasing influx of immigrant students and their families not only with developing their English language skills but with cultural assimilation of their new country.

For her efforts, Victoria has been given the “Latino Administrator of the Year” award by the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, the “Wings of Inspiration” award by the Florida Association of Latino Administrators and Supervisors and the “Biliteracy Award” presented by the Jose Marti Foundation and the Hispanic Education Fund.

Victoria is the proud mother of Michelle Brioso, a Civic Engineer and Melinda Brioso, a nursing student. She is happily married to Ray Saldala, the Facilities Manager for Bru’s Rooms.

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In the coming weeks Latin Business Today will we share the amazing stories of the 2016 Hispanic Women of Distinction Honorees. 

2016 Hispanic Women of Distinction Honorees

For more information, visit Hispanic Women Of Distinction or (954) 709-1622.


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