How Resilient Is Your Small Business In Setting the Stage to Thrive?



4. Encourage Autonomy and Flexibility.

I hate leaders that bark orders! Managers realize this…  all workers should have a say in exactly how they do their job to make it more significant for them and thus more productive for your business.

That’s how they become more involved and efficient, which is crucial when things get rocky for the company.

Having a level of autonomy and flexibility make employees feel valued and thus their commitment level to the company that offers that to them rises exponentially.

5. Do not Forget to say thank You.

You are important and the chief culture builder in your business.

You have to recognize the significance of worker recognition. In tough times, you may not have the budget to do lavish events and give great rewards, however nothing ought to stop you from recognizing the effort of your workers in a prompt, sincere, and genuine thank you.

Resilience is needed in today’s businesses. Rapid, disruptive change is today’s world is normal.

It comes in bubbles, waves and sometimes tsunamis. To cope, leaders need to be agile and need to be and surround themselves with resilient people.

Resilient people are able to deal with uncertainty and react positively to change.” Isn’t that the kind of employee we’d all like to work with and manage?

Go build that team!

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