How to Sell More of What You Sell

Fourth- Daily Delivery

Now, you will need to have a clear vision as to how things will work for your sales and marketing on a daily basis.

You will need to adapt to specific market, product, and customer situations, but you now have a plan to move forward. All great sales and marketing leaders are constantly delivering results while they “inspect what they expect” from the daily efforts of everyone involved in their business.

If you were Henry Ford, and declared that a new car would come off the line every minute, you would certainly be measuring it, and making sure that you were keeping your quality promise to the customer.

Today there are so many products and services we are loyal to, because we can count on them to keep their promise. Whether it is a phone connection when we dial, a hot cup of coffee, or the brakes working when we go to stop the car, it has been the efforts of daily delivery that make the entire effort work.

All of these things were promised in the marketing message and when the sale was made.

Fifth- Review and Adjust 

Will this plan need to be adjusted from time to time?

Of course, in these fast-moving economic times, speed of change is absolutely one of the more important things that you need to be prepared to consider and adjust. Going back to the measurements that you determined in the first area of developing success in sales and marketing, your priority now should be planning to review your results regularly, and adjusting your efforts to make sure you continue to manage ongoing success.

In all of what I have described here, we are able to “teach people how to sell”.

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