Intentional Learning: Make a Difference in the World




Theory and practice, or thinking and doing

There is a lot of discussion around the split between sciences and humanities, between theory and practice, or thinking and doing.

I personally believe in learning as a human integration in balance between thought and action. Reason and creativity within the same organism, this is what makes us human.

The new founder’s generation, will have a stronger aim and capability to imagine things that currently do not exist. They will do this both in the physical and virtual worlds, they will have robots, drones, 3d printers and artificial intelligence as colleagues. Their decisions will be more factual based, supported by big data, the cloud, social media networks and global voices.

This generation

This generation will, for the first time in human history, tap into 100% of the available talent, women will have their fair share, diversity will be integrated, we will care about the planet and will strive for inclusion in every dimension.

All this forces will enable the new generations to engage very powerfully with the world as much as to develop their full potential with passion.

But they, as much as other generations, will still be fallible, will face bigger risks as they will find unintended consequences of their creations (i.e.: Fully autonomous cars). 

Just like in the story of Hephaistos the Greek’s lame god. As a consequence of his condition, he had to develop tools and devices to overcome his imperfections.

All other gods were perfect. His great creativity and craftsmanship attracted the attention of others who contracted his services to create godly necessities.

Hephaistos had the full potential of other gods, but did not have their full capacity. He had to bring things into existence to overcome his imperfections to fulfill his potential.

Our new generation is capable of making a difference in the world, are able to have an active role in the creation of their reality and want to make the world, their world!

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