Latina Entrepreneur on Business Growth and Work-Life Balance





The best rewards I’ve obtained from building and managing my business

First, the possibility of continuing to help others and fund my pro bono programs. 

Eugenia Altamira in KuwaitThe pleasure to travel to so many countries and work with all these different cultures. To be able to witness every day the profound transformation that people who attend the events go through.

Helping others live the life they were meant to live.

Overcoming my fears and resistances, nothing like having an overhead cost that needs to be paid, to get one moving no matter what, heh heh.

And not in a smaller measure, the simple pleasure of having days of honest, good work that I love, and being able to support my family.

Advice for other Latinos who’d like to start a business

If you find something that you are passionate about, or that you enjoy doing and can’t wait to share, this might be a great business opportunity to explore.

Running a business is hard work and a long-term commitment. Having love for it, will certainly make your job easier. And, when you sell your product, you will be truly motivated and people will connect with your enthusiasm openly and unconsciously.

Eugenia Altamira, father, brothers and sisterIf you are new in a country, a company, an environment, a working field, etc. and trying to find your way, be prepared to be challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone. It’s OK to feel vulnerable and lost sometimes. The key is to keep moving forward, it can be so easy to give in to your fears.

Don’t be afraid to place the real value of your product into the market. If you offer quality and plan carefully, you will get paid for your work. If you don’t value your work, time and product, no one else will.

Get proficient in what you want to do. Your level of knowledge and preparation, could open many doors. Invest the time in developing a business plan and at the same time in learning the business in’s and out’s.

If could turn back the clock knowing what you now know about starting a business what would you have done differently?

Definitely more long term planning. I didn’t start with a clear business plan and I paid the price for it. I can see how I wasted precious time, money and effort. I mean not truly wasted, they were all learning experiences, but it could have gone a lot smoother.

Also, I think my fear of not having enough to cover expenses at the beginning of the business, made me do things myself or hire people that were not very experienced. Under the assumption that this would save me money. And in the long run I ended up having to pay for most of these things twice and lost a lot in quality in the time it took to fix. I can see now how doing less things at once, but getting them done properly the first time, would have been a better approach.

My favorite quote:

Oh, I have so many, it makes me nostalgic to think on them. Right now, I’m really working on this one: “If you want to be great, you have to put the work it requires. If you are OK being average, then just do the average thing” Unmaniji King.

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