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Heart disease and “lifestyle” factors

The true incidence of lipid disorders due to the “lifestyle” factors is unknown. This is partly due to the general population not taking a preventive health approach to their lives, partly to physician’s apathy to evaluate medical conditions that are caused by lifestyle and the general attitude in our culture of self-responsibility.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology last year published a report demonstrating the majority of adult cardiologist and primary care physicians surveyed for the review did not adequately screen for personal and familial risk factors or existing lipid disorders. The rates of attrition from treatment protocols when treated was unexpectedly high (60-90%) and most primary care physicians never conducted a decent Cardiac Health Risk Appraisal.

So if our health industry is fairing so poorly at watching over our health, how can we be expected to identify, treat and reverse a potentially fatal condition?

The best defense is a good offense. Know your family’s medical history as if it were your own. Demand of your health care providers that they conduct a thorough “heart health risk appraisal” and discuss the results and meaning with you in lay terms. Lastly, there exist a new breed of physician practice known as the Concierge Medical Practice where the emphasis in on personalized health planning where preventive health and wellness are the cornerstone of your quest for optimal health. Be ready to pay a premium for that special attention and convenience.

As a Latino small business owner it would serve you well to incorporate low cost corporate prevention and wellness strategies into your benefit package (ex. BSDI).

Whether you have 5 employees or 50 there are companies that provide the online platform for you and you employees and their families to complete their own family and personal health risk appraisal questionnaires, recommend test and labs that should be requested from your primary care physician and that have archives of excellent nutritional, physical activity and general wellness information at your disposal.

Many small business owners build in the use of these virtual preventive health portals into their incentive plans and employees are encouraged to compete within the gaming features that promote self-monitoring and peer support to chronic disease management.

It is a fact that we spend more time monitoring our automobiles than we do our own health. With the explosion of applications and wearable devices for monitoring we are seeing a significant paradigm shift. Unfortunately it would seem that waiting for our health provider to deliver timely, quality, convenient and affordable preventive health advice is a losing proposition.

Latino small business owners are charged with becoming good consumers

Latino small business owners are charged with becoming good consumers of their health care by informing themselves of their health risks for chronic disease conditions such as dyslipidemias and heart disease. Your health insurance company will ultimately reward you and your small business for preventing costly chronic diseases and hopefully you will see those premiums go down.

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