Legal Services of Greater Miami

Legal Services of Greater Miami Featured Business: Legal Services of Greater Miami (LSGMI) Executive Monica Vigues-Pitan, Executive Director Business Address: 4343 West Flagler Street, Suite 100, Miami, Florida 33134…

Get Help From the SBA to Keep Your Business Afloat

Get Help From the SBA to Keep Your Business Afloat The current COVID-19 pandemic is also an economic crisis, with long-lasting impacts felt across all industries. Therefore, businesses must be proactive now, in order to combat and mitigate…

Work Made for Hire and Intellectual Property

Protecting a small business’s intellectual property. Protecting a business’s intellectual property fundamentally requires the imposition on employees and contractors of some level of restrictions on their ability both to disclose…

Trademarks: Not All Trademarks Qualify

Principal Register, Incontestable Marks, Supplemental Register Trademarks are generally thought to be listed on the Trademark Office’s Principal Register, but not all trademarks qualify. For this reason, certain types of marks…

Small Business Corporate Governance: Fiduciary Duties

Flexible standards provide small business owners tremendous leeway in fashioning management rules. In developing their enterprise, majority and minority owners need to take stock of fiduciary duties they undertake as a matter of law with…

Restaurants, Part V: The Independent Contractor Trap

“Among the most significant traps for employers in every industry, including in the restaurant industry, is that of misclassifying “employees” as “independent contractor,” a practice that can expose companies and their principals to…

4 Musts Before Starting a Family Business

Here's four often overlooked legal issues you should think about before starting a family business. Starting a business can be an exciting and optimistic period in an entrepreneur's life. However, what most small business

What is a Trademark Anyway?

A trademark is a word or design (what most people call a logo), or a combination of words and designs that communicate the identity of the distributor or manufacturer that is the source of the associated goods or services.

Sexual Harassment in Today’s Workplace

What should small business owners do once they receive a sexual harassment complaint? As we all have seen, sexual harassment has dominated the news for months. There is no indication that the focus on

Parole for Entrepreneurs Revisited

For foreign nationals, the Entrepreneur Parole Program represents a chance to participate in the US economy.. In my April 2017 contribution to LBT, we alerted readers to a program that was due to come on line,

Comparing Single Members and Multi-member LLCs

Deciding the legal form of an enterprise is one of the first questions to be addressed by entrepreneurs. In our last article, we compared the characteristics of Standard C Corporations, S Corporations, and Limited

Parole for Entrepreneurs 

While attention has been paid to the bleak immigration landscape, there is a brighter spot. The Entrepreneur Parole Program is a hopeful step in the right direction toward attracting the brightest and best entrepreneurs to

Contracts Part II: Laying the Groundwork

5 small business contract insights to ensure your deal is comprehensive. A client who calls up his attorney a few days in advance of a closing on a transaction to instruct counsel to come up with some type of agreement

Small Business Startups – Making It Legal

Quick and concise backgrounder for start ups- Start Up Handbook series part 1 "Making it Legal" This is part one of a ten part series for start ups and new entrepreneurs. Establishing a Legal Entity -

The Immigrant Investor Meets Realities, Part I

The Immigrant Investor visa program presents opportunities for foreign investors to obtain a green card through investing in a qualified business The Immigrant Investor program can be a gateway to opportunity


A trademark name image or slogan represents a business on many levels; here are some recommendations to ensure its availability. So you want to start a business, launch a product or offer a service and you think to…

Immigration Fraud Requires Pro-active Action

Increased levels of immigration fraud investigations require employers to take precautions In part one we covered Immigration News Business Owners Need to Know in part two we looked at Small Business and Immigration Enforcement. …

Small Business and Immigration Enforcement

Statistics don't lie, small business owners need to be aware of this real life example and recommendations Since the enactment of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all U.S. employers have been required to fill in…

Immigration News Business Owners Need to Know

Here’s why small business owners need to pay close attention to the President’s recent immigration announcement For many U.S. businesses, the immigration laws are difficult to understand, seem unduly punitive, inflexible, and

The S-Corp or the New LLC?

Here are the pros and cons of the S-Corp and LLC to be considered when electing to incorporate your business For those who have started a business or have their own business, the question has always been asked… should I have my

Have An Estate Plan for Your Small Business

A small business estate plan is critically important, yet often overlooked Little thought is given to the possibility of the death or disability of a partner or key employee at the start of a business. Future prospects can

Small Business and Family Discrimination

Key steps small business owners need to be aware in light of emerging laws on family responsibilities discrimination Small business owners need to know about existing family discrimination laws and implications on doing

Consider the Flexibility of an LLC

There's a right business structure for your company and many considerations on choice, the flexibility an LLC affords is unique Whether an LLC or other type of business entity the a core decision which requires careful…

Leasing Contracts: Not All Are Equal

Beware of the fine print of a contract to always get the best deal While leasing of IT equipment is better financially for most, the advantages are achieved only if lessees are aware of and carefully negotiate the terms of…

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

As an entrepreneur, it's important to understand what intellectual property safeguards are needed for your small business Abbreviations and symbols such as TM, SM, PAT PEND, ©, and ® carry a lot of legal power. They help safeguard a…

Choosing a Hispanic Business Entity

Which of the five business-entity types - sole proprietorships, S corporations, C corporations, partnerships or limited liability - is right for your Hispanic business? Image: Fotolia Even if you have an established…

Brave New World

Science leads the way to new federal antidiscrimination law. In 2008 President Bush signed into law the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which prohibits employers and insurance companies from discriminating

Get Savvy about the Rules of Overtime Pay

Hispanic Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from State and Federal Guidelines Image: Fotolia In good times and bad, employees at millions of small business nationwide are working overtime. But many small business owners may not be totally…

Pay Now, Or Pay Up Later

It is critical that employers understand both federal and state law and comply with which ever is more protective of employees. The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of employee class-action lawsuits claiming pay

Hire Family?

You Can Find Harmony In Business And At Home If you are involved in a small business that is also a family business, you’ve probably heard warnings about the pitfalls of working with relatives.  Operating a business with a

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