Are You a Compassionate Connector?

Here Are 5 Ways to Do It... As a result of the global pandemic, personal and professional hardships are being faced across the spectrum. In particular, normal, face-to-face interactions came to a screeching halt around the globe, seemingly…

A New Paradigm Post-COVID-19, Part II

As we discussed in Part I, we are experiencing a paradigm shift for brands and businesses that are finding that digital transformation is affecting all aspects of life No one wants to go to the doctor, for instance, but at some point, we…

A New Digital Paradigm Post-COVID-19, Part I

“Hope is the dream of a waking man.” -- Aristotle We are experiencing a paradigm shift on the game board for brands and businesses where digital transformation has been established as the fundamental basis for future survival and growth.…

Customers, Not Money!

Today, the real worth of a business is not money, but customers. Smart companies will use a recession to outmaneuver their competition, get new customers, gain market share, acquire the best talent, and even buy other companies at steep…


I hate snakes! It is primordial. I hate them for no other reason than I do. You couldn’t give me enough money to walk in woods known to have snakes. I would go to jail rather than obey a government rule that says I have to walk down a path…

Understanding and Serving Your Customers

Learn from these companies that are doing it right. Recently, I attended a public forum called “Healthcare in the 21st Century: A Community Call to Action.” The keynote speaker was Dr. Atul Gawande, author, surgeon and

Is Your Content Being Seen?

How to beat the latest social media algorithms to boost organic reach. No one would argue that the explosive growth and popularity of social media created a level playing field so that businesses of all sizes could suddenly enjoy…

How to Sell More of What You Sell

Five ways we look at a business to drive develop sales and marketing success. Editor's note: This is the first part in a series by this successful sales professional. Having now worked directly in, consulted, and trained in…

5 Keys To Why Your Customers Buy

It's not usually about price, these sales techniques uncover how and why your customers want to buy This is the second article of a four part selling cycle broken down into eight major steps. Part one focused on How to Find

Congratulations You Landed the New Client!

Now what? Next steps to ensure the new client receives quality service by embedding him or her into your company or organization. Securing a new client is more than a welcome. Core to the sale close of every sale is a vital next

Social Media & Business Etiquette- Eight Rules

The 8 simple rules to follow when tackling your company’s social media. In most of today’s small business, we usually have the business owner wear multiple hats inside the company. Many of these entrepreneurs run errands, do deliveries,…

Primary Steps to Finding Your Perfect Brand Name

Here are four key questions to cover. Editor's note: This is part one of a two part piece. Every company needs names for their business, for their products, for their services, for their procedures, and even for their mascots…

Value Is in The Eye of The Beholder

Knowing and explaining the value for pricing your services. Have you heard the expression “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? This is true for value as well. When we ask ourselves the question: How much are my

Customer Satisfaction Pays Dividends

How can a small business better leverage customer satisfaction for competitive advantage? "If you are not completely satisfied, please bring it back." Those words appeared above every door at Woodward's, the department store

3 Steps To Empower Your Sales Staff

Follow these simple backend techniques to streamline contracts and close more sales This July, I wrote a blog post about the role of the account manager in this digital era, and one key point covered was on "winging it" which is…

Your Brand Is Not What You Think It Is…

Let’s talk about FEELINGS... If you look at today’s marketing and business headlines there is a lot of chatter about BIG data - it’s everywhere. This compelled me to recently tweet the following “It’s all about BIG data these days…

4 Keys to Your Best Sales Yet

Sell what is (not what you think is) in the the best interest of your client's how How do you approach ‘selling’ your products and services? Hint – Price is not always the deciding factor All too often,

Top 10 Marketing and Research Tips

Fundamental approaches for Hispanic businesses to engage Hispanic consumers. According to the Census Bureau, Hispanics accounted for 56% of U.S. population growth in the past 10 years; and their power already exceeds $1

Follow-Up Is the Key Sales Criteria

The follow-up closes any consistently gaps and turns new opportunities into sales. Every sale starts with an opportunity, but not every opportunity results in a sale. Oftentimes, this is due to a lack of follow-up and the

Do You Believe In Facebook?

How to use social media to drive leads...5 recommendations. The most successful businesses and individuals in sales are not just successful because of their abilities to sell and close deals, but because they are able to get

When to say “Uncle”

How Many Customers = “Enough??” The sad truth is that you’ll never know the answer to this question…and, to be honest, the answer to “how many customers do we need to talk to” is about the same as the Supreme Court definition

What Are You Really Selling?

Are you missing out on sales because you are selling the wrong thing? I walked up to the counter at my favorite local coffee shop. The young girl behind the counter with a beaming smile, looks me in the eye and

5 Pitching Don’ts and How To Avoid Them

Pitching clients isn’t rocket science, nor should it be, it’s simply a matter of tapping into prospective client needs. Pitching clients is simply a matter of reaching out to the potential client, understanding his or

10 Powerful Branding Tips for Small Business 

These simple tips that can help order tasks and keep the focus on the business image. Many small business owners think that the biggest problem of their business is related to financing. It is true that having liquidity is

Planting the Seeds of Small Business Success

Three tips to create a small business that thrives through specific actions. Forrest Gump, the movie, greatly impacted me when it came out several years ago. I still remember its many inspirational scenes and

Never Forget the Personal Touch

Reach out to your current customers and prospects– especially if you are a small business. I have owned my own business for almost five years – and I find it is a constant learning experience. One thing that I

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