Self-Survival Tool Kit…Staying Sane While Juggling Life
work life balance tips

10 tips to balance work and life


The ability to balance and juggle all things while keeping ourselves in check has never been easy. Between the demands of work, family, parenting and the basic self-imposed demands of being a Latina women and wanting to be all things to all people can make for a most difficult life at times.

With so many balls up in the air they often times feel like they are coming at a much faster pace and will crash down on us at any moment.  The ability to balance ourselves while still meeting the needs of those we love is a fine line we find ourselves balancing every day.

I recently held a women’s workshop where I had the pleasure of sharing my personal experiences of the “juggling act” and how the balls I dropped turned out to be some of the most important game-changers in my life.  Here is a down and dirty “tool box” of sorts that you may find helpful during those moments when you suddenly look up and see those balls crashing down on you and wonder how it’s all going to play out in the end.

You wonder which balls will land, which ones will bounce back up and which ones will be worth just letting roll on by. At the end, its important to keep yourself balanced, healthy and in check, and I hope this list helps you do just that.

1. Self-Care…You are Important.

Taking care of yourself should be on the top of your list.  Not second or third or after every one else.  It’s very easy to justify spending money and time on others yet we leave ourselves last on shelf.  Whatever you do, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  As much as others love you, it is your responsibility for you to take care of yourself. Always remember, when we love ourselves we can love others better.  Get the annual check-up, save up for that special “spa day” and make it a habit to make yourself a priority.  Once you do this, others will follow.

2.    Have a spiritual practice.

Having a spiritual practice regardless of your religious belief is critical to staying balanced. Regardless of what it is, sharing and believing in something greater than you allows for strength and endurance we all need during those difficult times in life we know will come, yet are always shocked when they show up. Understanding we all have a greater purpose and that we are loved unconditionally is the most powerful emotion we can experience.

3.    Learn to say no…GUILT FREE!

Be courageous and know when it’s the right thing to say for you and those you love.  Understanding your own limitations gracefully gives others permission to do the same. Being kind to yourself is critically important.

4.    Commit to a physical practice and stick to it.

Whether it’s walking, running, or joining a weekly dance class, have some physical movement activity weekly. I can’t emphasis this enough. This is not only important for your body physically, but your mind and spirit will thank you greatly!

Your endorphins will kick in, your joints will be grateful and your overall health will benefit greatly. Your target should be a minimum of 3-4 times weekly for at least 45 minutes.  Start small and build up from there. Break a sweat, get your heart-rate going and try something new!

5.    Eat and drink healthy.

Make good choices by what you eat and drink one meal at a time. Again, start small and build from there. Start by cutting out soda or coffee, maybe its sugar or sweets. Little by little over time, you will begin to notice a difference and become more aware of what you put into your body. Read labels and take the time to educate yourself.  Eat right!

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