Small Business Owners Not All Chest Pain is Created Equal




What is a true cardiac and event?

A true cardiovascular event is in essence a consequence of an atherosclerotic plaque (cholesterol) or thrombotic (blood clot) obstructing a critical artery either in the heart (myocardial infarction or heart attack), brain (Cerebrovascular accident; CVA or stroke) or carotid arteries. 

Certainly any artery can be affected and the type and outcome of all cardiovascular “events” is too large of a scope to cover here. Most chronic disease we may face though has a cardiovascular or CV equivalent process involved that is damaging an organ hence making us ill. Many of these events, as in the data presented above, lead to major death and disability in the U.S. and globally. 

What to do

When in doubt, the best medical advice again is to go immediately to have a complete health evaluation preferably at a “Cardiac Hospital” one with a recognized cardiac care center. 

As my cardiologists told me as he counseled me to take medication for my hypertension, you don’t want to be that doctor whose headstone reads: “Would not follow his own advice”.

For more information on “Not All Chest Pain is Created Equal” we’ll follow with Part II of our series where we provide a preventive medicine solution to assist you in achieving optimal health. 

The objective of this series is to spotlight topics small business owners need to discuss with their physician’s. It’s sole purpose is to encourage small business owners to make the time to address their health by setting up an appointment with a qualified recognized cardiac health professional. 

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