Do You Believe In Facebook?

How to use social media to drive leads...5 recommendations. The most successful businesses and individuals in sales are not just successful because of their abilities to sell and close deals, but because they are able to get

The 10 Commandments of Social Media

Ignore the the Social Media Commandments at your peril A social media primer I know, I know, not the most original title in the “Red Sea” of content, but as I continue to read the barrage of information on “Social Media” and Digital

Honda Gets Facebook Right

One approach on how to market a product on Facebook If you are like me, every day brings two or three new emails about “6 Secrets of Social Media”; “5 Steps to Gigantic Consumer Engagement”, “3 Secrets to better Facebook…

Mum’s the Word

Be careful what you're posting online; it may come back to haunt you Whether you're on Twitter, Facebook or other online social-networking sites, you should be aware that your private ramblings may become very public. This is…

2013: Year of The Hack

The term “hack” has suddenly taken on new meaning—and it has nothing to do with computers You can become a “thought leader” (consider that a buzz-term) by coming up with your own buzzwords. Some may last, others may not, but it’s…

5 Social Media Tips for Business

Successful social media for businesses use lessons learned on Main Street to take them far on the digital highway Those who live in small towns know the advantages of frequenting merchants who know their names as well as their purchase…

Quick! Don’t Blink That Was A Micro-video

While some may be only a few seconds, the impact of micro-videos can be huge. The benefits of micro-video are numerous as a promotion tool, sharing information and a look at business cultures among other attributes. With the

Good Social Media Takes Time and Resources

Social media is about care and feeding is necessary for capitalizing on channels for your business If you want your customers to remain engaged with your business' social media efforts, you can't just start a page and not update it with…

Is Social Media Good For Business?

For small- or medium-sized business owners the use of social media, the answer is a solid “maybe” EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is part one in a three-part series on social media and business. As a small-business owner, I constantly

Social Media Lessons Learned From MTV

From TV's heyday to social media- engaging an audience has changed… or has it? Long before the advent of social media on August 1, 1981 – to the strains of “Video Killed the Radio Star” two worlds changed: music and television. No longer…

Realize The Power of the Meme For Awareness

Leverage existing memes to help increase the reach and awareness of your campaigns My mind works in mysterious ways. As I was glued to network news on the night of April 19, like million others, anxiously awaiting the capture of the

Social Media Doesn’t Bite

Social media doesn't bite unless you ignore your customer, that is... The Digital Revolution is well on its way to taking over our daily activities. Unfortunately, what should be approached as an opportunity to get closer to our customers…

A Social Media Guide for Finance

The trend toward social finance and the rise of new influentials If you have been following the tweets from the CFA Institute at @CFAInstitute, you will see that the financial advisor industry is open to participating in the…

Context is Key to Customer Engagement

With social media, understanding what is critical to your customers and engaging with them is a good way to differentiate your organization Marketers have long recognized the criticality of good content and devised numerous…

4 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses can take advantage of Twitter’s low cost, time-management and search optimization benefits to improve customer satisfaction How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Twitter On July 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek

Social Business: Why You Should Care

Social businesses are shifting from an inside-out point of view to having an outside-in perspective In the past most organizations had clear-cut boundaries and roles were well-defined. While they had to be…

Can Google+ Be A Business Asset?

Google+ a relative newcomer offers features that are specifically designed to enhance your business’ communication and collaboration with customers. With social media marketing on the rise, an increasingly important question

Social Success Strategy

Listen. You need to know what your customers are saying. A successful social media strategy means getting close to your customers. In a nutshell, the road map that I and many others recommend has five iterative steps: 1. Listen 2. 

Extend Your Social Reach

Three Ways To Gain Influence Online Achieving influence in the digital world is one of the main goals of social media. Whether they’re online or off, people are influenced by folks they trust, those that they like or those they…

Social Media Prep

6 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing With so much hype around social media, many business and marketing executives are rushing to use every platform for their organizations. They’re putting up Facebook pages, getting Twitter…

Get Social

Welcome to the premiere issue of In order to kick off this column, I started asking colleagues in my social media channels to share their top issues for Latin business owners today. Not…

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