So You Want to Be Your Own Boss

Is owning a franchise the right move for you? Here are the Pros and Cons... If you're considering making a go of being your own boss and would feel comfortable working within an established network of like-minded

Customer Service Still Matters

People will talk about you anyway. Make sure it’s good because good means more people will buy your products or come to your establishment. Bad means they will cross you off the “must check out” list or never put you on that list to begin…

5 Strategies for Motivating Employees

Valuing your employees will help build your business   What motivates people?  As a business owner or leader it is imperative that you understand what motivates people because without people your business could not succeed.

Value Is in The Eye of The Beholder

Knowing and explaining the value for pricing your services. Have you heard the expression “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? This is true for value as well. When we ask ourselves the question: How much are my

Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge

Six best practices when starting a small business after working in corporate. I have a 30-year career in events - tradeshows, conferences, etc. - and until recently, I have always worked for others. I have worked for media

4 Musts Before Starting a Family Business

Here's four often overlooked legal issues you should think about before starting a family business. Starting a business can be an exciting and optimistic period in an entrepreneur's life. However, what most small business

What is Small Business Life Insurance?

Small Business Life Insurance is used to protect a business, or the family of a businessman, from the financial loss Small business owners depend on their enterprise as a primary source of family income and security, an…

A Hispanic Brew For Success

"5 Rabbit" was a deity among 400 rabbits who were the children of the god of fermentation of Aztec mythology. Four years ago, at 4 a.m. on a Sunday, an exhausted and highly stressed Isaac Showaki casually suggested to his friend and…

Should You Rent or Buy Your Office?

There are many factors to consider before investing in real estate. Before making a purchase, talk to your real estate and accounting professionals to be sure you understand the true costs and savings, and ensure a financially sound…

Do You Believe In Facebook?

How to use social media to drive leads...5 recommendations. The most successful businesses and individuals in sales are not just successful because of their abilities to sell and close deals, but because they are able to get

Parole for Entrepreneurs Revisited

For foreign nationals, the Entrepreneur Parole Program represents a chance to participate in the US economy.. In my April 2017 contribution to LBT, we alerted readers to a program that was due to come on line,

What Are You Really Selling?

Are you missing out on sales because you are selling the wrong thing? I walked up to the counter at my favorite local coffee shop. The young girl behind the counter with a beaming smile, looks me in the eye and

Comparing Single Members and Multi-member LLCs

Deciding the legal form of an enterprise is one of the first questions to be addressed by entrepreneurs. In our last article, we compared the characteristics of Standard C Corporations, S Corporations, and Limited

The More You Learn, the More You Earn

Ways to improve your business development that doesn’t require tuition. What does a successful business look like? Some might say financial profit, while others may say the establishment of effective brand familiarity.

Parole for Entrepreneurs 

While attention has been paid to the bleak immigration landscape, there is a brighter spot. The Entrepreneur Parole Program is a hopeful step in the right direction toward attracting the brightest and best entrepreneurs to

Traveling? Protect Your Identity and Credit

 3 tips to ensure you safeguard your personal assets and business credit worthiness.  Credit plays an important role to many business owners in their daily operations.  Many vendors actually pull personal and business credit

A Black Belt Hispanic Business

A Small Business With a Lot of Fight- How a Doctor Established A Mixed Martial Arts Gym in an Unlikely Locale You wouldn’t normally expect a doctor from Brazil to hang up his stethoscope to pursue an entrepreneurial

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