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When Managing Data Words Do Matter!

In the end, words matter. The sooner you and your organization can identify, collaborate to define, document, integrate into your IT applications and educate your BI teams, the more successful you will be at managing KPIs that make a…

Big Data Analytics And Small Business

Video- Tech visionary's insights on how Big Data analytics benefit small businesses. Up until recently small businesses have been excluded from Big Data analytics. Advances in technology, pervasive of sensors and affordable applications…

Rethinking Customer Engagement

Learn from healthcare's example and refocus on customer relationships One of the things enabled by social media is the ability to develop deeper and stronger relationships with one's customers. Social network platforms provide a forum

The True Value of Data

Businesses of all sizes need analytics to get the most from their data. We live in the Information Age or, as some are now calling it, the Age of Big Data. Yet many of us do not appreciate the value of the information available…