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Enrique Chiu: Dreams Without Borders

Painter, social activist, motivational speaker Enrique Chiu on the impact of art. Painter, social activist, motivational speaker… Enrique Chiu (Guadalajara, 1981) is perhaps best known for being the author of the world-famous…

Grace Under Pressure

Four Lessons We Learned From Principal Dancer Paloma Herrera Is there anything that a businessman or woman can learn from an internationally recognized ballerina? Surprisingly, the answer is Yes! There are valuable…

My Art, Passion and Work

In my artistic endeavors as a jeweler, I pursue balance through asymmetry and contrast. It's crucial to indulge your artistic side to create a healthy work-life balance.

Latino Films Shine at Sundance Film Festival

Quality not quantity Latino films make a big splash at 2014 Sundance Film Festival Over the past few years, I have had the good fortune of attending the Sundance Film Festival, always with great expectations about the Latino

Life, Art and Business

Argentine Artist Nadine Baurin Finds Her Balance "Stillness," by Nadine Baurin, 2009. Photo: Courtesy of the artist Creativity rarely goes hand-in-hand with business acumen. Business doesn't interest many artists, as they would be the…

New Film On Humor, Hispanics And Hollywood

Announcing the completion of: “The Journey of a Female Comic/La Trayectoria De Una Comediante” Latin Hollywood Films, in association with Lion's Kill Productions, proudly announces the completion of its feature film, “The Journey of

My Art, Passion and Work

How I invigorate my creativity outside of work As a driven, success-oriented professional, it's easy to get swept up in your career aspirations and lose sight of much else. Before you know it, your job consumes you. But while…

The Impresario

Moctesuma Esparza puts the Latino experience on the big screen There aren’t many Latino big wheels in Hollywood, and of those few, Moctesuma Esparza, film producer, community activist and entrepreneur, is…

A Creative Mindset Can Help Your Business

The vital role creativity plays in business, innovation and solving problems. The role of creativity in business and innovation is a topic often discussed of late. Creativity in business is not only about product

Havana Through a U.S. Lens

A visit to Cuba in words and images shows friendly people despite nation’s poor economy Ellen and Paul Lewis of White Plains, N.Y., embarked on an Insight Cuba trip recently. What follows is a short Q and A with Paul Lewis