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Have An Estate Plan for Your Small Business

A small business estate plan is critically important, yet often overlooked Little thought is given to the possibility of the death or disability of a partner or key employee at the start of a business. Future prospects can

Do You Know the True Value of Your Business?

Understanding the value of your small business is essential if you plan to expand or sell your company. In the early days of my family business, I remember relatives selling their businesses exclusively on the basis of…

15 Reasons it Makes Sense to Lease IT

Asset ownership can be a disadvantage, look at the value of leasing There has always been resistance in a number of IT organizations to equipment leasing. Business and IT executives frequently believe that their corporate financial…

True Value of Your Hispanic Business

Fundamental to many Hispanic business activities, it's essential if you plan to expand or sell your company. Editor's note: This article originally appeared in Latin Business magazine the predecessor of Latin Business…