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Can Your Business Benefit from COVID 19?

Are you ready to be pro-active? The pandemic is the HOT topic, but some businesses can benefit from this HOT topic by combining creativity with available funding.  Savvy management will consider retooling and perhaps re-staffing.…

Improving Your Time Management Skills

At times the amount of work that we have to accomplish may feel impossible to complete in the time we have available. As tasks continue to pile up, you may need to reflect on how to more effectively use the time to have so you…

8 Exit Business Planning Mistakes

Sound New Year’s resolutions and business solutions to avoid common exit planning mistakes Once upon a time, on a New Year’s Eve, three business owners, Tom, Dick and Harry, sat down for a moment to reflect on what they had done for

Crafting a Business Plan

The business plan is an essential first step to any start up. This business plan mock up will help identify key categories. The Valley Inn Restaurant and Gift Shop BUSINESS DESCRIPTION The Valley

How to Execute a Strategy Plan

A properly executed small business plan can positively impact business vitality and growth. In part one of this planning two part series, we looked at why a business plan is core to success. In part two we’ll look

Think Again

Your Business Plan Shouldn't Be A Static Document Planning is an ongoing necessity for small-business owners. Environments change, and the most successful entrepreneurs adapt by continually revisiting their original assumptions. Your…