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A Change Is Gonna Come

A sea change is happening at our national cash registers. Customers are moving past their practice of rewarding a company for doing good. Now they are demanding real change that they personally experience. It is the authenticity of their…

Charting a New Course

With one wave of the pandemic storm over and economies opening up again, those companies that secured their finances and took the necessary steps quickly enough to survive or even thrive now need to turn their attention to getting back to…

Planting the Seeds of Small Business Success

Three tips to create a small business that thrives through specific actions. Forrest Gump, the movie, greatly impacted me when it came out several years ago. I still remember its many inspirational scenes and

Entrepreneurs Who Wrote The Book

What can we learn from U.S. entrepreneurs who were our original corporate titans? There’s a great series by The History Channel titled “The Men that Built America”, chronicling the lives of American entrepreneurs