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Small Business Corporate Governance: Fiduciary Duties

Flexible standards provide small business owners tremendous leeway in fashioning management rules. In developing their enterprise, majority and minority owners need to take stock of fiduciary duties they undertake as a matter of law with…

Small Business Startups – Making It Legal

Quick and concise backgrounder for start ups- Start Up Handbook series part 1 "Making it Legal" This is part one of a ten part series for start ups and new entrepreneurs. Establishing a Legal Entity -

Consider the Flexibility of an LLC

There's a right business structure for your company and many considerations on choice, the flexibility an LLC affords is unique Whether an LLC or other type of business entity the a core decision which requires careful…

Choosing a Hispanic Business Entity

Which of the five business-entity types - sole proprietorships, S corporations, C corporations, partnerships or limited liability - is right for your Hispanic business? Image: Fotolia Even if you have an established…