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Cash Flow Management for Small Business Owners

A requirement for every successful small business and enterprise. Cash flow management is the process by which an organization maintains control over the inflow and outflow of funds. The fundamental goal of cash flow management…

Keys to Obtaining Funding

To secure funding it's essential to instill confidence with a professional and accurate financial summary Securing a loan or other private funding is all about the business owner. Can you accurately represent your financial

The Business Balancing Act

Managing sales is a balancing act to protect your brand and cash flow. Rapid growth is a welcome addition to any business, but at the same time, unmanaged growth can be detrimental to a company’s quality and brand

There Is No Money in Paying Bills…or Is There?

Small businesses which process accounts payable invoices in a timely manner will minimize total invoice processing costs. Small business-especially those that are on the cash basis for tax purposes-should pay close attention

8 Recommendations for Safeguarding Cash Flow

Safeguarding cash allows your small business to maximize cash flow. Cash, including checks, is an important aspect of many businesses. But controls such as monthly reporting must be put in place to safeguard it. If not, you

Five Steps On How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast

Creating Assumptions for the Cash Flow Projections The income statement reports billings and accrued expenses. The cash flow statement reports collections and payments—cash inflow and outflow. The cash flow statement differs