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3 Steps to Confidence Winning Confidence

If every one of your clients understood these three things about you – you would win their confidence and business every time. Lot’s of columnists write about confidence – how to get it, how to know if you have it, how to keep it…

Congratulations You Landed the New Client!

Now what? Next steps to ensure the new client receives quality service by embedding him or her into your company or organization. Securing a new client is more than a welcome. Core to the sale close of every sale is a vital next

4 Steps to Manage a Difficult Encounter

How to diffuse a difficult encounter in situations involving difficult people At some point, everyone will run into a difficult encounter with difficult people. However, by using several key techniques, you can help understand…

4 Keys to Your Best Sales Yet

Sell what is (not what you think is) in the the best interest of your client's how How do you approach ‘selling’ your products and services? Hint – Price is not always the deciding factor All too often,

Set Client Expectations to Achieve Success

2 critical stages which can make or break client expectations are the initial client meeting and final review. Two critical stages in the operational process, the initial client meeting and the final review, can

Follow-Up Is the Key Sales Criteria

The follow-up closes any consistently gaps and turns new opportunities into sales. Every sale starts with an opportunity, but not every opportunity results in a sale. Oftentimes, this is due to a lack of follow-up and the

5 Pitching Don’ts and How To Avoid Them

Pitching clients isn’t rocket science, nor should it be, it’s simply a matter of tapping into prospective client needs. Pitching clients is simply a matter of reaching out to the potential client, understanding his or

Never Forget the Personal Touch

Reach out to your current customers and prospects– especially if you are a small business. I have owned my own business for almost five years – and I find it is a constant learning experience. One thing that I

A Second Big Growth Spurt

The Accidental Entrepreneur, A Hispanic Business Journey One fine day, an older gentleman (he was then my current age) called and said he wanted to talk to me about an idea to do TV commercial testing for the Hispanic

4 Keys To Latina Brand Loyalty

The Latina market is built upon truly engaging her and her network. Latinas now have $1.3 trillion of annual buying power, which is equal to that of Mexico! Eighty-six percent of Latinas say they are the primary household purchase…