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Mobile Technology Serves Up Business

Whether used externally to reach customers or internally to keep in touch with employees, mobile technology is a boon to businesses of all sizes Mobile technology has become nearly ubiquitous, and companies would be wise to…

Libraries Lead Collaboration for Small Business

New innovation spaces provide benefits to small business and entrepreneurs   From the Ancient Library of Alexandria to present day, libraries have long served as centers of learning. Now, with the rapid proliferation of the Internet,…

Rethinking Customer Engagement

Learn from healthcare's example and refocus on customer relationships One of the things enabled by social media is the ability to develop deeper and stronger relationships with one's customers. Social network platforms provide a forum

Social Business: Why You Should Care

Social businesses are shifting from an inside-out point of view to having an outside-in perspective In the past most organizations had clear-cut boundaries and roles were well-defined. While they had to be…