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Who Owns Your Emails?

Emails stored in the cloud may be exposed to access by other entities and governments One of the easiest applications to move into the cloud is email messaging services. For most organizations the email application stands…

15 Quick Tips for Effective Digital Writing

As content becomes increasingly more important in digital marketing strategies these 15 tips will strengthen your digital writing and marketing strategy In our new digital communications world of abbreviations, instant…

Is Your Digital Content King or Court Jester?

Content marketing and social media for small business – why and how Having worked in the PR & Marketing Communications field for more than 20 years (eek!), I find this growing love (and fear) of content marketing

Content Marketing: Why You Need a Strategy

There are many beneficial reasons to put some brawn behind your content marketing efforts Content marketing isn’t necessarily new (social-media posts and blog articles are just two examples), but it’s taken on new…

Content Creation for the Successful Small Business

A focused content strategy is key to reaching your customers with the right message at the right time In my current consulting practice, I am advising more and more clients about not only content creation but about creating a sound content…

Meet the Needs of All of Your Website Visitors

Responsive Web design ensures your site looks great on mobile phones and tablet devices too According to the Media Behavior Institute, 43.5 percent of its survey participants accessed the Internet via a mobile phone each week during

Realize The Power of the Meme For Awareness

Leverage existing memes to help increase the reach and awareness of your campaigns My mind works in mysterious ways. As I was glued to network news on the night of April 19, like million others, anxiously awaiting the capture of the