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3 Small Business Year-End Priority Tactics

How to Put Away What No Longer Serves Your Business. Resolutions, although most of us seem to make them every New Year, rarely work because they are usually founded on a context of resistance. “What you resist persists,”

3 Steps To A Zero Energy Commercial Building

Lower-costs technologies will make zero net energy buildings more feasible in the near future. Remember December 4, 2013, in terms of your commercial building and its potential to achieve zero net energy (ZNE). This is the…

Small Business, Smart Buildings

The technology mega-trends that are making smart buildings affordable for small businesses New code revisions are helping make zero net energy buildings a reality. The key components for reaching this goal are smart sensors and monitors;…

15 Reasons it Makes Sense to Lease IT

Asset ownership can be a disadvantage, look at the value of leasing There has always been resistance in a number of IT organizations to equipment leasing. Business and IT executives frequently believe that their corporate financial…