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Viva la Vida – Sociedad de Camara [Video]

Viva la Vida - Sociedad de Camara A project that is born of friendship, music, spontaneity and joy, the Chamber Society awakens new ways of perceiving, interpreting, and sharing music. When Alejandro Saul tapped me for this adventure, I…

Reflections from Quarantine in Cuba

Have you considered what your last thought before bed and your first thought when you awake is these days?  The imperious sensation of needing more time has disappeared. Our days revolve around merely existing, thinking, feeling, and a bit…

Will the Market Economy Win in Cuba?

Cuba’s burgeoning market economy represents opportunity for Hispanic businesses and Hispanic entrepreneurs as the U.S. ‘people-to-people’ visa program partially opens the doors to the island nation. In central Havana, murals

Havana Through a U.S. Lens

A visit to Cuba in words and images shows friendly people despite nation’s poor economy Ellen and Paul Lewis of White Plains, N.Y., embarked on an Insight Cuba trip recently. What follows is a short Q and A with Paul Lewis