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Smart Companies Listen and Respond to Customers- 5 Steps

Responding to complaints with empathy is vital when responding to issues raised by customers and...

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Acquisition & Retention: Selling Humanity to Drive Business Success, Part 5 [Video]

Two powerful techniques Dale Carnegie communicates that make not only for good salespeople, but...

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3 Tips for Applying Digital Human Technology to Your Customer Service Process

If your business is suffering from the loss of humans who handle your customer service or other...

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Acquisition & Retention: Selling More to Your Base to Drive Business Success, Part 4 [Video]

Be sympathetic to your customer’s ideas and desires and appeal to the nobler motives. Latin Biz...

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Customer Acquisition & Retention: Be Interested & Listen Part 3 [Video]

The part three call to action: Become genuinely interested in other people and Be a good listener;...

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Dale Carnegie Principles & Tactics to Acquire and Retain Customers, Part 2 [Video]

Part 2: Your Call to Action for Customer Acquisition and Retention Latin Biz Today advisory board...

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