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Are You Lost In Transition? Three Stages

Understanding where you are in the transition process and knowing the three stages can successfully help you navigate through it. We're marked by transitions, from the innocuous to ground-shaking game changers. Although some are…

Confidence is Key to Getting Hired

Getting hired requires confidence that often trumps skills when it comes to the intangible connection between interviewer and interviewee. The key to getting hired is not always about possessing ‘required’ skills. More importantly  

The 9 Key Pitfalls of Hiring

Hispanic small businesses must be aware of laws relating to the hiring of employees. As any Hispanic small business owner knows, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of federal, state and local laws that must be

Business Stress? Smile That Cosmic Smile

When a business or work situation is frustrating, smiling can actually make you feel better. Professional challenges can be frustrating, even excruciating. From searching for a job and negotiating compensation to

Getting the New Hire Off to a Good Start

A successful first 90 days will increase employee retention and productivity Periodic inquiries will help you understand the new hire’s personality and work habits The first 90 days is often referred to as the probationary

The New Work Force

Independent workers will soon become the majority. Is it time to choose that path? I was recently laid off from my job as director of creative development at The Weather Channel. This is my second layoff since 2009. I have…

To Unionize or Not to Unionize?

Hispanic business considerations for employees and entrepreneurs regarding unions. One of the most important decisions that employees can face is whether to elect a union to represent their interests. When confronted…

Big City-Small Town Signing On Dotted Line?

Employment contract considerations, from an employer's perspective. Whether your business is in a big city or small town, there are numerous legal issues that can result from entering into an employment contract, and too