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The Power of Transformation

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  -- Confucius Every Sunday night at 9 pm EDT I host A Climb to the Top: Stories of Transformation on New York’s Talk Radio 77WABC. The show features individuals from…

Videoconferencing: An Ingenious Way To Network

A current theme bears repeating: After social distancing, we will emerge into a world where the rules of the game have changed. Thriving in this “new normal” will require refining tried-and-true skills, and developing new techniques for a…

Confused About Health Coverage? Join the Club.

Confused About Health Coverage? Join the Club. Let’s face it, when it comes to health insurance, even the smartest, most educated entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with the constant changes. As if things weren’t hard enough we are…

A Latino Entrepreneur With A Vision

Latino entrepreneur John Cueva is a pioneer in holographic technology A pilot's multi-functional visor keeps pushing the boundaries of technology. This is how John's back story on how he got involved in the holographic optical industry

6 Lessons Learned From Managing Growth

Vacation tip: When you are an entrepreneur, you will never need a vacation more than you will as your company is growing, and it will never be harder to get away. Everyone looks to you. If you're doing this as a couple, it may be even…

Cuban American Latina Bank Exec Helps Homeless

Meet Ana Castilla, 2019 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, Vice President, Florida Regional Community Development Manager,TD Bank “Strong values and principles together with a commitment to grow spiritually and intellectually through one’s…

Confidence is Key for Women in Business

5 simple rules can help women in business capitalize on their strengths to successfully lead Women in business I am sure all of you have read business books about what people do or what they tell people to do—lead,…

Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge

Six best practices when starting a small business after working in corporate. I have a 30-year career in events - tradeshows, conferences, etc. - and until recently, I have always worked for others. I have worked for media

Parole for Entrepreneurs Revisited

For foreign nationals, the Entrepreneur Parole Program represents a chance to participate in the US economy.. In my April 2017 contribution to LBT, we alerted readers to a program that was due to come on line,

Parole for Entrepreneurs 

While attention has been paid to the bleak immigration landscape, there is a brighter spot. The Entrepreneur Parole Program is a hopeful step in the right direction toward attracting the brightest and best entrepreneurs to

Strategic Thinking

Lionel Sosa created the first effective advertising to target a Hispanic-American audience. In Lionel Sosa, ambitious entrepreneurs can find the ultimate lesson in the power of strategic thinking. Best known for his

Managing Growth By A Hispanic Entrepreneur

Be careful what you wish for when managing are three key factors to help. Every Hispanic entrepreneur wants his/her company to grow, and growth is a good thing. But managing that growth can be trickier

A Second Big Growth Spurt

The Accidental Entrepreneur, A Hispanic Business Journey One fine day, an older gentleman (he was then my current age) called and said he wanted to talk to me about an idea to do TV commercial testing for the Hispanic

How to Beat the Summer Small Business Lull

Don’t let old myths hold you back when there's business to be captured. Business slows down in the summer. If you are a small business owner, or a professional whose income relies on selling goods or services, chances are

A Black Belt Hispanic Business

A Small Business With a Lot of Fight- How a Doctor Established A Mixed Martial Arts Gym in an Unlikely Locale You wouldn’t normally expect a doctor from Brazil to hang up his stethoscope to pursue an entrepreneurial

Small Business Startups – Making It Legal

Quick and concise backgrounder for start ups- Start Up Handbook series part 1 "Making it Legal" This is part one of a ten part series for start ups and new entrepreneurs. Establishing a Legal Entity -

Entrepreneurs Who Wrote The Book

What can we learn from U.S. entrepreneurs who were our original corporate titans? There’s a great series by The History Channel titled “The Men that Built America”, chronicling the lives of American entrepreneurs

Oscar De La Hoya- Still Golden?

A retrospective and update - Flush from a successful career as a boxer, Oscar De La Hoya prepared for a life as an entrepreneur. He might have been undecided about his future in the ring, but Oscar De La Hoya knew precisely

14 Productivity Pieces for 2014

Some call it self improvement, some call it productivity, it's about happiness, your business and getting on track for 2014 1. Productivity: 3 Tools to Manage Tasks There are a wealth of productivity tools

Go Further Today- Challenge Yourself

Creating your own challenges can benefit both yourself and your business Last month I decided to create and take on my own challenge. Yes, it may sound off the wall at first, but I’m sure you’ll understand why I did this

4 Keys To Latina Brand Loyalty

The Latina market is built upon truly engaging her and her network. Latinas now have $1.3 trillion of annual buying power, which is equal to that of Mexico! Eighty-six percent of Latinas say they are the primary household purchase…

Libraries Lead Collaboration for Small Business

New innovation spaces provide benefits to small business and entrepreneurs   From the Ancient Library of Alexandria to present day, libraries have long served as centers of learning. Now, with the rapid proliferation of the Internet,…

An Entrepreneur’s IT Right Hand

The Chief Information Officer Must Be A Risk-Taker Too This is the last part of a series on the entrepreneurial CEO from The Gartner Group. Don’t miss: Part 1: Risky Business and Part 2: Defining Victory The entrepreneurial chief…

Defining Victory

Is your business capable, challenged or lost? Jockey Jesus Lopez Castanon, riding Shackleford, crosses the finish line to win the 136th Preakness Stakes in Baltimore. Photo: UPI In the first part of this

Risky Business

Defining The Role And Tasks Of An Entrepreneur In a 1929 photo, Thomas A. Edison shows a new incandescent lamp, at left, while holding a replica of his first model, from 1879. Credit: UPI

Choosing a Smartphone for Your Business

Inside information about the leading brands and models A good smartphone is a daily planner, a communications center, a business organizer, a budgeter, a time-management tool and an inventory analyzer all in one. That's why you want

Lights On

A Solar Light Bulb Brightens Far Corners Of The Globe Martin Gonzalez holds a Nokera bulb in his store in La Mesa, Colombia. Cover photo credit: Courtesy Nokera Martin Gonzalez had been selling Nokero light…

The New Work Force

Independent workers will soon become the majority. Is it time to choose that path? I was recently laid off from my job as director of creative development at The Weather Channel. This is my second layoff since 2009. I have…

Lucky Biz Break

Five successful Latinos talk about the role of luck in their careers. Great leaders aren’t luckier than the rest of us. They just get a higher return on luck. That’s a central argument of “Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck—Why…

The Impresario

Moctesuma Esparza puts the Latino experience on the big screen There aren’t many Latino big wheels in Hollywood, and of those few, Moctesuma Esparza, film producer, community activist and entrepreneur, is…

Small Business Saturday Goes Local

Small Business Saturday Generates Stronger Holiday Sales for Latino Shop Owners Photo: FotoliaSmall Business Saturday offers a fitting end for National Entrepreneurship Month by raising the profiles of thousands of small businesses that…