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A Breakfast of Champions [Video 3]

Victoria E. Martinez talks breakfast and three healthful components. A little something to get your ready for your morning "breakfast of champions". Victoria E. Martinez, yoga teacher & holistic health coach explains the importance of…

A Hispanic Brew For Success

"5 Rabbit" was a deity among 400 rabbits who were the children of the god of fermentation of Aztec mythology. Four years ago, at 4 a.m. on a Sunday, an exhausted and highly stressed Isaac Showaki casually suggested to his friend and…

From Dental School to Tortilla Maker?

A visit to Mexico grounded Hispanic business owner Fernando Gutierrez who realized his culture and now lives his American dream Fernando Gutierrez has never given up on his dreams, whether it was to become a dentist or business owner.

The “C” in COURAGE is for Commitment

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, all those who have taken a stand to courageously step out of their own comfort zone Wicked winds greeted me as I stepped off the boardwalk onto the sandy beach near my home. It was…