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Want to Be More Successful? Take a Vacation

A clearer mind, a rested body, and a more positive attitude translates to more productivity and, yes, success. The concept of vacation, as we know it, is a relatively recent one.  Only since the Industrial Revolution in the 19thcentury…

Find Your True Zone of Genius!! [Video]

Isa Herrera MSPT & CSCS, founder of Pelvic Pain Relief shares some insight into the nuances of Telehealth & Telecoaching. She also suggests that we look inward at some of the skill sets we’ve developed over time that we’re not using…

Confused About Health Coverage? Join the Club.

Confused About Health Coverage? Join the Club. Let’s face it, when it comes to health insurance, even the smartest, most educated entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with the constant changes. As if things weren’t hard enough we are…

Spice Up Your Life! [Video]

Victoria Martinez introduces three healthful spices. Yoga teacher and holistic health coach, Victoria Martinez shares how 3 spices that you may already have in your panty can be integrated into your diet providing metabolic benefits. These…

Your Health ROI Effects Your Bottom Line

 Entrepreneur alert: over the top success is not equal to the value of one’s health, it's our only true “non-negotiable”asset “Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness”

5 Tips To Boost Your Energy and Work Performance

Nutrition and best practice healthful habits to avoid the mid-aay slump. You know the feeling all too well: the clock reads 3pm on a Tuesday, you still have hours of work ahead of you, and yet your eyes begin to feel heavy

Health and Wealth…In the U.S

It’s a Saturday night, and I find myself sitting in the ER lobby of a local hospital waiting for service as if it was a 5-star hotel. The “service” is for my partner who has not been feeling well and thought it best to make…

Business Leader, “Heal Thyself”

As a business owner your health is paramount, take steps and take care to "Heal Thyself" Editors note: Part I of an ongoing series on health and wellness by Dr. Eduardo Montaña, MD, MPH, MBA   Ancient scholars implored

A Meeting to Remember

Hold your next event or meeting somewhere your participants will never forget and your business will benefit from In a highly stressful business world, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about the importance of…