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The Soul of Your Business

“Every company has a soul. Every company has a distinct set of values that colors its priorities and behaviors. Companies believe in different things to different degrees, including innovation, value, quality, freedom, choice, price, and so…

Job Seekers Are People Too!

Job Seekers Are People Too! I’m not a movie star or an internationally known musician, but I do receive hate mail. Well, maybe I shouldn’t go so far as “hate,” but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve opened a message or an email…

Small Business Absent With Leave

 The best defense is to have the right policy in place here are four tips to help avoid minefields. It’s rarely easy for a small business to work around the loss of an employee who’s out on a leave of absence. But you may have to…

4 Tactics To Turn Around Employee Negativity

Be open to hearing what your employees have to say, even when how they are saying it is not easy to hear. Be prepared to demonstrate to your employees your openness to working with them to find solutions. Here are four tactics to address…

Interviewing for Authenticity

Part 2 in the New Year, New Hires series. Part 1 is entitled Kick Off The New Decade With A New Hire: A Refresher Course On Hiring Happy new year and new decade to all! As promised, I am sharing the second part in the…

The Art of Hiring for Your Small Business

5 Tips for Making the Right Hiring Choices Breathing is something we do unconsciously. We just breathe. And it happens automatically. But I have recently discovered the magic of conscious breathing and how important it is

The 9 Key Pitfalls of Hiring

Hispanic small businesses must be aware of laws relating to the hiring of employees. As any Hispanic small business owner knows, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of federal, state and local laws that must be

Business Stress? Smile That Cosmic Smile

When a business or work situation is frustrating, smiling can actually make you feel better. Professional challenges can be frustrating, even excruciating. From searching for a job and negotiating compensation to

Sexual Harassment in Today’s Workplace

What should small business owners do once they receive a sexual harassment complaint? As we all have seen, sexual harassment has dominated the news for months. There is no indication that the focus on

Are You a Bully of a Boss?

Small business owners need awareness to stay true to your leadership ideals. A small business owner's values are never to be over-rated. Recently a partner/vendor said to me, “I am always grateful for the

Setting Policy on Sexual Harassment

Prepare a comprehensive policy now and prevent problems later. Federal and state laws have long required employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. One crucial step is to prepare and

Can Disruptive Innovation Lead to Change?

3 tips help manage hiring in today’s ever-changing world Over the past couple of years I have noticed an increase in the volume of social media networking conversations on the topic of disruptive innovation. If

Determining Management Styles

...and When Best To Utilize Them At some point 22 years ago I started my career as a design assistant in the fashion industry. I then became a designer, then a senior designer. Then all of a sudden in the blink of an eye, I…

Getting the New Hire Off to a Good Start

A successful first 90 days will increase employee retention and productivity Periodic inquiries will help you understand the new hire’s personality and work habits The first 90 days is often referred to as the probationary

Adventures Abound With Career Opportunities

Small businesses need talent, recognize an opportunity and be willing to listen carefully and consider all angles and factors Life presents opportunities every day. We hear the knock on our door and rush to open it or ignore it,…

Firing Without Getting Burned

Before firing an employee make sure you have a code of standards in place to avoid wrongful discharge litigation Wrongful discharge lawsuits are an unfortunate fact of life for today’s business owners. In light of this,…

The New Work Force

Independent workers will soon become the majority. Is it time to choose that path? I was recently laid off from my job as director of creative development at The Weather Channel. This is my second layoff since 2009. I have…

Brave New World

Science leads the way to new federal antidiscrimination law. In 2008 President Bush signed into law the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which prohibits employers and insurance companies from discriminating

Big City-Small Town Signing On Dotted Line?

Employment contract considerations, from an employer's perspective. Whether your business is in a big city or small town, there are numerous legal issues that can result from entering into an employment contract, and too