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The other day, I drove home from the supermarket so deeply lost in thought that I don’t remember the trip. Has this ever happened to you? If you’ve been driving for a while, and the trip to the supermarket is a routine occurrence, I am…

Charting a New Course

With one wave of the pandemic storm over and economies opening up again, those companies that secured their finances and took the necessary steps quickly enough to survive or even thrive now need to turn their attention to getting back to…

Smart Cars, Smart Homes

My daughter and son-in-law own a smarter home. It has a 6.5 kW solar system which is connected to a Tesla PowerWall battery system. The house is also connected to the grid. The entire thing is operated through a smart phone app. They…

Ingenious Hacks for a Sharper Mind

Nine things I do daily or weekly to keep myself sharp and engaged. My time in quarantine is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, each day repeating itself in an endless loop. Same environment. Same people. Same food. Same view…

Be Ingenious!

So, “What makes you ingenious?” I’ve been fascinated by the word “ingenious” for some time now, because it describes a quality that applies to every single person, while at the same time allowing for the fact that we are all…

A Latino Entrepreneur With A Vision

Latino entrepreneur John Cueva is a pioneer in holographic technology A pilot's multi-functional visor keeps pushing the boundaries of technology. This is how John's back story on how he got involved in the holographic optical industry

Can Disruptive Innovation Lead to Change?

3 tips help manage hiring in today’s ever-changing world Over the past couple of years I have noticed an increase in the volume of social media networking conversations on the topic of disruptive innovation. If

Making Money In The Climate Change Economy

The Business Culture Of Being Cheaper, Easier, Faster and Healthier- 3 questions defining business culture success The world is getting warmer due to human pollution. So what? Is this impacting your sales or costs today?

Six Steps For Growing Green Profits [Video]

The proof is in. Sustainability sells. How does your business use sustainability to grow business results? Did you know that today over a dozen companies sell over a billion dollars EVERY YEAR in green products? Here are

Five Ways Smart Buildings Grow Profits

This emerging mega trend that will reshape how businesses make money. Smart buildings use the Internet of Things (IoT) plus artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity. This emerging mega trend will reshape how

Learning for Work? If So, What Type of Work?

A global work environment, where interconnectivity is the rule, requires new skills of adaptability and diversity. Editor's note: This is part two of a two part article. Part one was entitled Business Learning Experiences in

Sustainability Sells, Just Ask Walmart

A well rounded sustainability best practices strategy will drive revenue for large and small businesses Walmart just announced a Sustainability Leadership Shop website solely focused upon their growing range of products that are…

Fill ‘er Up!

The impact of lower gasoline prices on small business Over the last six months, the price of gasoline has fallen for a record-setting 109 days in a row. On Monday, January 12, 2015 the national average for a gallon of

5 Steps To Lower Your Business’ Electric Bill

These easy steps will help small businesses improve their bottom line through electric bill reductions Electric bills are going higher. Your business must act now because the utilities in over a dozen states are projecting 5-15% annual…

Mobile Technology Serves Up Business

Whether used externally to reach customers or internally to keep in touch with employees, mobile technology is a boon to businesses of all sizes Mobile technology has become nearly ubiquitous, and companies would be wise to…

3 Steps To A Zero Energy Commercial Building

Lower-costs technologies will make zero net energy buildings more feasible in the near future. Remember December 4, 2013, in terms of your commercial building and its potential to achieve zero net energy (ZNE). This is the…

Does Business Mobility Mean Success?

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Landscape for Small Business Owners For small business owners, mobile technologies offer a two-pronged solution to boost productivity and increase marketing reach. Whether or not…

Small Business, Smart Buildings

The technology mega-trends that are making smart buildings affordable for small businesses New code revisions are helping make zero net energy buildings a reality. The key components for reaching this goal are smart sensors and monitors;…

The High Tech Brain Gain And STEM

A local government focuses on STEM educational programs to retain its most valuable asset —intellectual capital Westchester County, New York’s emphasis on Science, Technology Education, Engineering and Math or…

Hispanic Business Technology And Innovation

Video perspectives on Hispanic business from visionary Irving Wladawsky-Berger, his insights on technology and innovation. In this video episode Irving Wladawsky-Berger shares his depth of knowledge on Hispanic business as…

Small Business Energy- Breaking The Barrier

Why small business energy-efficient building technologies and a $8.88 LED light bulb matter to you Because energy consumption is only continuing to rise 'resulting in high utility bills and an increase in toxic emissions' alternative energy…

For Small Business IT Is A Vital Agenda

A small business must keep up with changing IT technology to remain competitive Even though rapid technology change isn’t anything new (one can go back to the start of the industrial revolution to see how each…

Wearable Computers Are Coming

Today's wareable computers may not be ready to introduce into your business environment With the recent spate of new-technology announcements including wareable computers, it may be tempting to shoehorn the latest-and-greatest into your…

The Next Big Thing in Technology?

Three technology considerations- for your customers sake don't get caught up in the hype As I skim through multiple technology articles of the newly introduced Samsung smartwatch and ongoing drips of information regarding Google…

STEM Benefits Small Business

Video- Tech visionary's insights on STEM and enhancements for small businesses. In this video episode Irving Wladawsky-Berger shares his depth of knowledge on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as related…

The Washington Post Morphs To The Amazon Post?

A look at the exciting possibilities for the future of The Washington Post No, no one has called it that yet, at least not that I've seen, but news of founder Jeff Bezos’ $250 million acquisition of The Washington Post…

Big Data Analytics And Small Business

Video- Tech visionary's insights on how Big Data analytics benefit small businesses. Up until recently small businesses have been excluded from Big Data analytics. Advances in technology, pervasive of sensors and affordable applications…

Libraries Lead Collaboration for Small Business

New innovation spaces provide benefits to small business and entrepreneurs   From the Ancient Library of Alexandria to present day, libraries have long served as centers of learning. Now, with the rapid proliferation of the Internet,…

Five Steps to Reducing Your Pump Price Pain

These sustainable action items can help reduce your company’s fuel costs Here’s the bad news. Pump price pain will only increase for your small business. The good news is you can take five sustainable action items you can take to cut your…

Risky Business

Defining The Role And Tasks Of An Entrepreneur In a 1929 photo, Thomas A. Edison shows a new incandescent lamp, at left, while holding a replica of his first model, from 1879. Credit: UPI

Leasing Contracts: Not All Are Equal

Beware of the fine print of a contract to always get the best deal While leasing of IT equipment is better financially for most, the advantages are achieved only if lessees are aware of and carefully negotiate the terms of…

Rethinking Customer Engagement

Learn from healthcare's example and refocus on customer relationships One of the things enabled by social media is the ability to develop deeper and stronger relationships with one's customers. Social network platforms provide a forum

IBM SmartCamp

Media Background IBM SmartCamp KickStart  IBM SmartCamps are two day long events that bring together and judge the best start-up companies in different cities around the globe. At the event, IBM brings together local venture capitalists,

Business Smartphone Security Basics

Smartphones and other mobile devices are the new frontier for hackers; is your Hispanic business at risk? Whether we’re walking down a busy city street, waiting at the airport or sitting on the

10 Top Tablets for Business Use

Hispanic business leaders looking to increase productivity with tablets will find a plethora of options After just a few years on the market, there’s little doubt that tablet computers are changing the way that business gets done.…

A Creative Mindset Can Help Your Business

The vital role creativity plays in business, innovation and solving problems. The role of creativity in business and innovation is a topic often discussed of late. Creativity in business is not only about product

6 Benefits of Moving Anti-Spam to Cloud

Moving email and anti-spam to the cloud offers advantages for small businesses Editor’s note: This article is part of a series. In a previous article, author David Streit explained the origins of cloud services and the…

Tech Tools For Success

Technology Is Your Tool For A Better Business Technology is just one more tool for business. But it’s a tool that can enhance every aspect of your product and the customer experience, according to Irving  Wladawsky-Berger.

The Customer Experience

 The best products marry technology and customer experience. Recently I went to an "innovation thinking" event at the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum, organized by my friend Jeremy Epstein (@jer979). It was a rare opportunity to get

Why You Need the Cloud

Time to outsource IT and get down to business. The best analogy is to electricity, and the way it was delivered 100 years ago compared to today. Companies used to generate their own power, first with steam…

Burn The Ships!

...And Other Words of Advice From A Successful Entrepreneur (This is the second of an exclusive two-part series on Atlanta data services company Cloud Sherpas. See Part 1  to find out how the company went from basement hobby to Google

The Right Startup

Startup America Helps Entrepreneurs Get Off On The Right Foot Maxine Gomez, CFO of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Swipes Inc., is on a roll. Making a two-minute "elevator pitch" to a half-dozen corporate executives and…

The Visionary

Irving Wladawsky-Berger’s long road from Cuban émigré to Internet pioneer Editor's Note: This is the first of a three-part series based on an interview with Irving Wladawsky-Berger, former vice president of

Virtually Real

The Web made it possible to start a business on a shoestring. The following article is provided by SCORE, a nonprofit association of business counselors who mentor small business owners across the U.S. For more