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What is Small Business Life Insurance?

Small Business Life Insurance is used to protect a business, or the family of a businessman, from the financial loss Small business owners depend on their enterprise as a primary source of family income and security, an…

Promoting Small Business Workplace Wellness

The accelerating pace of healthcare costs requires every businesses' attention. Rising healthcare costs are a national crisis. Healthcare costs have jumped to over $3 trillion in annual expenditures. That is equal to over

8 Exit Business Planning Mistakes

Sound New Year’s resolutions and business solutions to avoid common exit planning mistakes Once upon a time, on a New Year’s Eve, three business owners, Tom, Dick and Harry, sat down for a moment to reflect on what they had done for

Have An Estate Plan for Your Small Business

A small business estate plan is critically important, yet often overlooked Little thought is given to the possibility of the death or disability of a partner or key employee at the start of a business. Future prospects can

Insurance Is Shielding What’s Yours

Insurance is an essential part of running a successful business. As you'll see, policies come in all-shapes and sizes. Business owners face many risks. Let's talk about business insurance to protect what you have.

Must-Have Insurance

As your business grows, so does your need for insurance. When it comes to investing in your small business, few things are more important than securing adequate insurance coverage. The right policy will protect your assets and…

Good Idea!

Now start creating your business plan and building a team. You’re ready to launch your own business. Congratulations! Having your own business has obvious appeal, one reason there are over 20 million single-person businesses in