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Trademarks: Not All Trademarks Qualify

Principal Register, Incontestable Marks, Supplemental Register Trademarks are generally thought to be listed on the Trademark Office’s Principal Register, but not all trademarks qualify. For this reason, certain types of marks…

Small Business Startups – Making It Legal

Quick and concise backgrounder for start ups- Start Up Handbook series part 1 "Making it Legal" This is part one of a ten part series for start ups and new entrepreneurs. Establishing a Legal Entity -


A trademark name image or slogan represents a business on many levels; here are some recommendations to ensure its availability. So you want to start a business, launch a product or offer a service and you think to…

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

As an entrepreneur, it's important to understand what intellectual property safeguards are needed for your small business Abbreviations and symbols such as TM, SM, PAT PEND, ©, and ® carry a lot of legal power. They help safeguard a…