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Four Basic Principles for Raising Capital

Outside investors want to understand a business' strategy as well as its financial statements. The need to raise capital from outside investors requires a great deal of preparation across multiple dimensions. Among many

Invest in What Matters

Why would you separate your investments from your values? Editor's note: Fernando Valenzuela award winning educator and investor shares his personal views and thought leadership insights on the high rate of return in

Starting Your 2013 Small Business Taxes?

What you need to know about tax law changes as you prepare your 2013 tax year return Significant tax law changes have taken place for 2013 1040 income tax filings. Among them are modifications to the marginal tax rate, Net…

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Chapter 2 – Getting Started, The First Three Years I am a researcher, that’s who and what I am. And I am a Hispanic researcher, dedicated to bringing the voice of the Hispanic population to the people who need