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Develop Your Soft Skills As a Pathway to Success

In the 1970s, Harvard PhD and New York Times science writer Daniel Goleman coined the term “emotional intelligence” (EI or EQ) to describe the interpersonal and communication skills that underscore human relations. Unlike the intelligence…

The Business of Compassion

The words business and compassion are rarely found in the same sentence within the business world. The use of these two words in the same breath may cause some leaders to wince, assuming that combining them will give way to decreased…

Do You Know Your Adaptability Quotient?

Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.  -- Rumi William Stern was a German psychologist and philosopher. Born in 1871, he is known for the development of personalistic psychology.…

Charting a New Course

With one wave of the pandemic storm over and economies opening up again, those companies that secured their finances and took the necessary steps quickly enough to survive or even thrive now need to turn their attention to getting back to…

The Soul of Your Business

“Every company has a soul. Every company has a distinct set of values that colors its priorities and behaviors. Companies believe in different things to different degrees, including innovation, value, quality, freedom, choice, price, and so…

7 Business Pitfalls to Keep Top of Mind

Here are seven costly yet all too common business mistakes which can impede your success. When running a business, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day concerns and lose sight of the big picture. Here are some costly yet

5 Strategies for Motivating Employees

Valuing your employees will help build your business   What motivates people?  As a business owner or leader it is imperative that you understand what motivates people because without people your business could not succeed.

Are You a Bully of a Boss?

Small business owners need awareness to stay true to your leadership ideals. A small business owner's values are never to be over-rated. Recently a partner/vendor said to me, “I am always grateful for the

Setting Policy on Sexual Harassment

Prepare a comprehensive policy now and prevent problems later. Federal and state laws have long required employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. One crucial step is to prepare and

Determining Management Styles

...and When Best To Utilize Them At some point 22 years ago I started my career as a design assistant in the fashion industry. I then became a designer, then a senior designer. Then all of a sudden in the blink of an eye, I…

Behind the Scenes with Wendy Williams

A real life brand experience with Wendy Williams for HSN I was thrilled last week on February 11th, when Women’s Wear Daily published a major article officially announcing Wendy Williams’ new clothing line for HSN. I had been…

Business Leader, “Heal Thyself”

As a business owner your health is paramount, take steps and take care to "Heal Thyself" Editors note: Part I of an ongoing series on health and wellness by Dr. Eduardo Montaña, MD, MPH, MBA   Ancient scholars implored

A Tale of Two Managers

How Small Business Leaders Lead Can Make or Break a Business Business Owners and Managers are always being perceived and judged. Their actions and words can be the difference between success and failure in small

For Small Business IT Is A Vital Agenda

A small business must keep up with changing IT technology to remain competitive Even though rapid technology change isn’t anything new (one can go back to the start of the industrial revolution to see how each…

When Disaster Strikes

A Little Advance Planning Can Save a World of Trouble I will never forget that gut-wrenching Monday morning, back in the mid-1970s, when I drove into my company’s parking lot and saw the burned-out shell of a building. That was all…


In a new book, Esther Elena López-Mulnix celebrates the careers of eight super-successful Latina s. In a new book, Esther Elena López-Mulnix celebrates the careers of eight super-successful Latinas. In her new book, Latinas in