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Good Social Media Takes Time and Resources

Social media is about care and feeding is necessary for capitalizing on channels for your business If you want your customers to remain engaged with your business' social media efforts, you can't just start a page and not update it with…

Is Social Media Good For Business?

For small- or medium-sized business owners the use of social media, the answer is a solid “maybe” EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is part one in a three-part series on social media and business. As a small-business owner, I constantly

Social Media Lessons Learned From MTV

From TV's heyday to social media- engaging an audience has changed… or has it? Long before the advent of social media on August 1, 1981 – to the strains of “Video Killed the Radio Star” two worlds changed: music and television. No longer…

Positioning Statement 101

Your Hispanic small business needs a positioning statement because positioning is to marketing as sofrito is to Spanish cooking: Without it there's no gusto One of the most basic tenets in marketing is one of the most often overlooked