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Small Business Absent With Leave

 The best defense is to have the right policy in place here are four tips to help avoid minefields. It’s rarely easy for a small business to work around the loss of an employee who’s out on a leave of absence. But you may have to…

6 Lessons Learned From Managing Growth

Vacation tip: When you are an entrepreneur, you will never need a vacation more than you will as your company is growing, and it will never be harder to get away. Everyone looks to you. If you're doing this as a couple, it may be even…

Congratulations You Landed the New Client!

Now what? Next steps to ensure the new client receives quality service by embedding him or her into your company or organization. Securing a new client is more than a welcome. Core to the sale close of every sale is a vital next

The Process of Review is Critical to Success

Don't underestimate the critical process of review as it will align management to position your business for success. Core to management and the success of any business is to establish benchmarks and map progress within

Small Business Corporate Governance: Fiduciary Duties

Flexible standards provide small business owners tremendous leeway in fashioning management rules. In developing their enterprise, majority and minority owners need to take stock of fiduciary duties they undertake as a matter of law with…

7 Business Pitfalls to Keep Top of Mind

Here are seven costly yet all too common business mistakes which can impede your success. When running a business, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day concerns and lose sight of the big picture. Here are some costly yet

Who’s the Boss? Let’s Look at Your Options

A CFO-CEO could be one of the founders of the company and is very actively involved in all aspects of the business - not just accounting and finance. A privately held company with expanding sales and marketing will often hire a CFO-COO to…

Small Business Efficiency from Sameness

How achieve business efficiency from managing your time and your employees' time. One of the small business owner's greatest challenges and most important resources is the scarcity and management of time for the owner, the

Can Disruptive Innovation Lead to Change?

3 tips help manage hiring in today’s ever-changing world Over the past couple of years I have noticed an increase in the volume of social media networking conversations on the topic of disruptive innovation. If

Managing Growth By A Hispanic Entrepreneur

Be careful what you wish for when managing are three key factors to help. Every Hispanic entrepreneur wants his/her company to grow, and growth is a good thing. But managing that growth can be trickier

Promoting Diversity

It’s Not Just Good Business. It May Be Legal Business Promoting diversity in the workplace helps businesses recruit and retain qualified employees and respond to the needs of customers in the global marketplace. And in some

Determining Management Styles

...and When Best To Utilize Them At some point 22 years ago I started my career as a design assistant in the fashion industry. I then became a designer, then a senior designer. Then all of a sudden in the blink of an eye, I…

Moving on Up Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Building Competency in Acquisitions-Part 3: The Approach- Basic Principles of the Transaction Execution Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Strategy—Author’s note: The activities that lead to the identification and ultimate

A Tale of Two Managers

How Small Business Leaders Lead Can Make or Break a Business Business Owners and Managers are always being perceived and judged. Their actions and words can be the difference between success and failure in small – An IT Teachable Moment

As a major IT system rollout should have included extensive testing to ensure proper functionality The failure of the website boggles the imagination. Even today, the front-end shopping experience is…

IT As A Savings, Not Cost, Center

9 goals to help business owners build a cost efficient and effective IT infrastructure Many business owners believe IT is a cost center and treat it as such. However, it should be viewed as a savings center and budgets…

An Entrepreneur’s IT Right Hand

The Chief Information Officer Must Be A Risk-Taker Too This is the last part of a series on the entrepreneurial CEO from The Gartner Group. Don’t miss: Part 1: Risky Business and Part 2: Defining Victory The entrepreneurial chief…

Keep a Business Eye on E-Workers

Protect Your Business By Telling Your Workers You're Watching Over the past 15 years, most work places have seen the introduction of  communications technologies including e-mail, voice messaging, and computers with Internet access.…

Background Check

Avoid the pitfalls that come with conducting a background check. For many employers, obtaining background checks on applicants or employees is a routine part of doing business. Indeed, some employers, such as educational institutions,…

Pay Now, Or Pay Up Later

It is critical that employers understand both federal and state law and comply with which ever is more protective of employees. The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of employee class-action lawsuits claiming pay

Must-Have Insurance

As your business grows, so does your need for insurance. When it comes to investing in your small business, few things are more important than securing adequate insurance coverage. The right policy will protect your assets and…

LBT and IBM Team Up

Companies to collaborate on the U.S. Hispanic section of IBM’s SME Toolkit websiteOnline publisher Latin Business Today  today announced it will provide IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) small-business resource website SME Toolkit with articles and other…

Hire Family?

You Can Find Harmony In Business And At Home If you are involved in a small business that is also a family business, you’ve probably heard warnings about the pitfalls of working with relatives.  Operating a business with a

Think Again

Your Business Plan Shouldn't Be A Static Document Planning is an ongoing necessity for small-business owners. Environments change, and the most successful entrepreneurs adapt by continually revisiting their original assumptions. Your…

When Disaster Strikes

A Little Advance Planning Can Save a World of Trouble I will never forget that gut-wrenching Monday morning, back in the mid-1970s, when I drove into my company’s parking lot and saw the burned-out shell of a building. That was all…

All in the Family

Don't Let Business Issues Become Personal Owners of family businesses face unique challenges. However, steps can be taken to keep your family business from destroying la familia. For example, I have a client who

Good Idea!

Now start creating your business plan and building a team. You’re ready to launch your own business. Congratulations! Having your own business has obvious appeal, one reason there are over 20 million single-person businesses in

7 Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these too-common errors as you rev up your business. When running a business, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day concerns and lose sight of the big picture. Here are some costly yet all too common mistakes to