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A System That Works

As a 10-year-old in the 1970s, my husband built television sets from used parts. He taught himself how to do this by taking apart dozens of TVs and analyzing how the pieces fit together to create a functional whole. He rarely watched. …

Master of the Obvious? Why, Yes!

MOO stands for Master Of The Obvious. My husband John is an accomplished engineer with several patents to his name. From the first days of our relationship, we’ve enjoyed cooking together and exploring flavorful dishes from…

Achieving Success Means No Excuses

Blaming other people or other things for ones shortcomings will lead an individual to stagnation both personally and professionally. Turning the focus back on oneself will get the energy moving in the right direction.

Improving Your Time Management Skills

At times the amount of work that we have to accomplish may feel impossible to complete in the time we have available. As tasks continue to pile up, you may need to reflect on how to more effectively use the time to have so you…

4 Tactics To Turn Around Employee Negativity

Be open to hearing what your employees have to say, even when how they are saying it is not easy to hear. Be prepared to demonstrate to your employees your openness to working with them to find solutions. Here are four tactics to address…

4 Questions For Perspective and Balance

Many surveys report the constant access to technology and the pressure to respond to and monitor it can be stressful. If you've gotten into the habit of prioritizing work over health or family, it's easy to remain in this mode. Balance…

The Art of the Work-Life Balancing Act

Finding perspective and balance for your 24/7 and 4 questions. Wake up. Go to work. Rush out. Head to class. Go home. Do homework. Sleep. Repeat. This is what my schedule looked like for three years while I was completing

10 Steps Toward Choosing Mental Resilience

Resilience can help you bounce back from misfortune or unexpected change People can—and should—learn to be resilient. It allows them to gain perspective on experiences that might otherwise be seen as soul sucking—and in the

Do Our Meetings Just Create More Meetings?

We're all too familiar with time draining meetings, but with a good leader they can be incredibly productive There’s a funny commercial Google put together when it was introducing the world to a Google Hangout a few years ago. The spot …

Small Business Efficiency from Sameness

How achieve business efficiency from managing your time and your employees' time. One of the small business owner's greatest challenges and most important resources is the scarcity and management of time for the owner, the

Are You a Bully of a Boss?

Small business owners need awareness to stay true to your leadership ideals. A small business owner's values are never to be over-rated. Recently a partner/vendor said to me, “I am always grateful for the

Small Business Desk Yoga…Are you for real?

Sitting at a desk at work or home office can impede productivity desk yoga can help We have all found ourselves sitting at a desk at work or home office for an extended period of time wanting to stretch our legs only to find

How to Execute a Strategy Plan

A properly executed small business plan can positively impact business vitality and growth. In part one of this planning two part series, we looked at why a business plan is core to success. In part two we’ll look

Dressing for Success and New Challenges

New workplace challenges crop up on a near daily basis, although they may not mesh with your core background, you can stretch yourself to learn new skills Seemingly every day, we’re asked to take on new projects that fall outside…

14 Productivity Pieces for 2014

Some call it self improvement, some call it productivity, it's about happiness, your business and getting on track for 2014 1. Productivity: 3 Tools to Manage Tasks There are a wealth of productivity tools

The Anatomy of Selfishness

Personal growth- Selfishness what does it mean? Although many people consider selfishness a negative trait, they may want to take a more nuanced look at it. In some instances, selfishness can be for the betterment of others.…

Does Business Mobility Mean Success?

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Landscape for Small Business Owners For small business owners, mobile technologies offer a two-pronged solution to boost productivity and increase marketing reach. Whether or not…

Choosing a Smartphone for Your Business

Inside information about the leading brands and models A good smartphone is a daily planner, a communications center, a business organizer, a budgeter, a time-management tool and an inventory analyzer all in one. That's why you want