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Small Business Startups – Making It Legal

Quick and concise backgrounder for start ups- Start Up Handbook series part 1 "Making it Legal" This is part one of a ten part series for start ups and new entrepreneurs. Establishing a Legal Entity -

The S-Corp or the New LLC?

Here are the pros and cons of the S-Corp and LLC to be considered when electing to incorporate your business For those who have started a business or have their own business, the question has always been asked… should I have my

Consider the Flexibility of an LLC

There's a right business structure for your company and many considerations on choice, the flexibility an LLC affords is unique Whether an LLC or other type of business entity the a core decision which requires careful…

Choosing a Hispanic Business Entity

Which of the five business-entity types - sole proprietorships, S corporations, C corporations, partnerships or limited liability - is right for your Hispanic business? Image: Fotolia Even if you have an established…